Blame the victim


Islamic terrorism is still very much a thing, though, we aren’t supposed to call it Islamic terrorism because it has nothing to do with Islam as we are frequently told. One of the few pleasures I get from tragedies, especially when they are so frequent under this administration is watching the left find a way to attempt to spin any responsibility away from themselves (of course on to the right) and also, attempt to disassociate Islam with terrorism in any way possible. They would rather let the west burn to the ground than even appear Islamophobic, they would rather defend a culture that routinely rapes and murders women, recruits children, and continually holds human rights in the 14th century than even appear bigoted.

“One of the great strengths of the United States and one of the reasons we have not seen more attacks in the United States is we have an integrated Muslim community they do not feel ghettoized, they do not feel isolated “

This fucking guy. That’s the answer! Blame the victim right? It’s really Belgium’s fault guys, they didn’t just let the refugees come in and take residency and vote Democrat, if they had done that none of this would have ever happened.

The audacity of that statement is more telling than anything. It is indicative of someone who is so invested in the agenda and the election, not to mention his own legacy, that he would rather blame Belgium than even chance saying something along the lines of “Holy shit, ISIS said they were going to use refugees to create a network and carry out attacks in the west, maybe we should look into this”. Denial is the far more progressive approach, if we are in denial than nobody could blame us of being bigoted. This constant aversion of calling things like they are is becoming more and more the greatest threat against our nation, we are too afraid to stand strong and we are too afraid to outright demand the condemnation of these acts that we can do nothing but sit and watch as our nations become infiltrated by those who wish us harm.

The quickness of the apologist movement was something to be astounded by after Brussels. No flags this time, no “we stand with Brussels”, rather a barrage of social media posts reminding us that the shooters in Aurora, and Newton were white and that Timothy McVeigh was Christian, that will fucking show them! I wonder if these apologists realize that the crippling fundamentalism of Islam is in direct conflict with almost ever idea they hold sacred. Gay marriage? Women’s rights? Civil rights? Separation of church and state? Not one of those things truly exists in an Islamic country. Not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every German was a Nazi, not every Russian supported the Gulags, not every person agreed with Chairman Mao yet millions of people died because the silent majority was irrelevant.

Until I hear about Muslim communities taking on some form of vigilante justice and dragging ISIS sympathizers out into a street to make an example of them I am going to assume they are the silent majority and are therefor irrelevant.


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