Say yes to the dress

There has been a movement in recent years undertaken by the women’s liberation gals to undue “decades of sexism and misogyny” and revamp the fashion industry to display a more positive and realistic image for young women to aspire to. There’s a problem I have with this movement, I’m not the target demographic for the fashion industry and last I checked, there aren’t a whole lot of heterosexual men running the fashion industry. I can’t name a single clothing designer aside from see at a mall, yet somehow I’m part of the problem?

Once again taking a page out of the “how to be a liberal” handbook this entire movement has decided that the best way to elevate young girls and restore their confidence is to make them victims. Let’s not develop them into strong women, tell them they’re beautiful and elevate them to become captains of industry, let’s tell them that you will never make it because a man might thing you’re ugly or fat. What exactly is the message we want to send with this? Men are so absolutely powerful that they’ve been making you believe you’re not pretty this whole time so you will remain powerless?

I take no issue with increasing women’s confidence and I would love to see them more involved in STEM, business, and politics, but how are we convincing them they will succeed while convincing them that a patriarchal society would never allow it, and for that matter, is it even true? There was a study a couple of years ago where they really wanted to prove income disparity among women working the same jobs as men, guess what? The only real proof they got of this was the liberal bastion of the white house.

I am tired of the only power base that liberals can build is that of victims. We are allowing this continued narrative that minorities and women are constantly under attack by the secret society known as white men, it’s ridiculous and we should be pissed. Instead of encouraging girls to aspire to great heights by giving them examples of strong women, we have them attack models, convince them men are on the rape prowl and we give them Hillary Clinton, a woman who would rather call a sexual assault victim insane then chance her husband slipping in the polls. Good job left, you’re making us all proud.

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