Dreams of our fathers

There are always those days where you wake up and for some reason you are overtaken by a sense of nostalgia that brings you back to your childhood and you can’t help but wonder how you got to where you are today, how you developed from that young kid into the adult you are, and what ideals you kept and which ones you discarded either because of maturity or change in circumstance that made those ideals no longer relevant to your situation. It’s difficult being a kid, in a lot of ways more than being an adult, you get a pass to be an asshole when you’re an adult because people will assume that something happened to you to make you so angry, but when you’re a kid, everyone just assumes you’re dumb and should sit in the corner and shut up because “you don’t know the real world”.

I got to witness a genocide when I was young, not an actual genocide, but the systematic destruction of American culture and the unrelenting hunt to destroy the American patriot. Growing up in a small agricultural town in west Michigan I remember making the short drive into the village to watch the Independence day parade on the block and half of main street. My boy scout troop marched through, followed by the American Legion, there was even a TANK! We marched down to the cemetery and the American Legion fired off a 21 gun solute to the fallen veterans and we heard a great speech about our country and those who died so we could enjoy the fair at the park that afternoon.

Speeches about sacrifice and war always struck a cord with me because my father was a veteran, he fought in Vietnam and had no shortage of stories about him and his buddies raising hell and pissing off the commanding officer. My father is a large reason why I think the way I do, he provided great examples of American ingenuity, his grandfather immigrated from Germany and was a horseradish  farmer, my grandfather worked construction and had my father sanding and finishing floors probably as soon as he could walk. These were the men who built the country I lived in, these were the men who fought for her independence. My great grandfather didn’t come from Germany because they were giving free healthcare or welfare to citizens, he came because there was work to be done or at least the opportunity to be independent and the chance to have a family and be successful, he knew when he stepped off the boat that he wasn’t guaranteed anything, he took a chance and took a risk.

Everyone wants to always tell us that we are all the decedents of immigrants, and they’re right, but the immigrants we descended from are vastly different than the ones we are dealing with now. During the civil war if you immigrated you dropped your family off at the dock, got your rucksack and a welcoming handshake into the Union Army. The first thing a man did was look for work to provide for his family, there wasn’t a handout. When jobs got low and we had rough economic times it was understood that we were not going to be letting people into the country, and to be honest, they were smart enough to not try and come because they knew they would not be well received.

I know my parents struggled through the 90s, I never once heard my dad blame the government, in fact, I rarely heard my dad complain about money. What I did see was my dad always having a job, some that were so ridiculous you wouldn’t believe, but he had one and he worked hard and made sure he provided for his family. It is that simple value that was instilled into me as a child, some people want to call it old fashioned to be embarrassed when you’re unemployed, I’m not passing judgement on those who are, I’ve been there, but I was embarrassed, and I think I should have been.

If there is one thing I know from my father that he learned from his and so on, it’s that you don’t expect anyone else to take care of you and yours, that’s not how the world works. Waiting for some federal government to come down and solve your problems is how you get dictators like Stalin or Hitler, people who promise to make all the bad things go away and all you need to do is listen to your government and do exactly what they say, that is not only contrary to the spirit of our freedom and independence but it defies human nature. Life is going to be hard, mine is a lot easier than that of my ancestors, yet if you ask your run of the mill college student you’d think that they will die every second because their room mate is constantly sending hidden microagressions his way by only eating pasta with white sauce or some shit. I have children, I’d like to say that I am trying to create a nation they could be proud of, but a lot of times I am actually trying to build the nation that the men who worked so hard for it intended for me to have, one with tenacious people who helped their communities, who worked with their hands and stood in the face of tyrants guns ready with a slight smirk on their face because what American doesn’t love pissing off a king?

The real point of this diatribe is the fact that I think as a nation we have let a lot of people down. The very fact that our government continually defies it’s own people, worries more about cultural sensitivity than it’s own security, and gives a voice to a bunch of undergrads who can in the same breath complain about how their down trodden and disenfranchised and say “I’m studying _____ at a university” defies even the most basic logic. We have allowed our first amendment to be eroded because we are now supposed to be conscious of peoples feelings because at some point we started giving a shit about other peoples feelings as oppose to reality. The media itself doesn’t even realize that supporting a bunch of protestors who show up at a political rally just to start shit will soon be at the doorstep of your broadcast studio to silence you when you aren’t playing to their narrative anymore. And the systematic execution of the heroes of this nation because there is no bigger threat to progressivism than honoring great men and tradition, this is truly the biggest tragedy of all, dismissing and even hating the past of our great country instead of revering the good and learning from the bad.




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