All your fault

It’s been a few days since I’ve written and I’ve wandered around thinking about what I’m going to write next. After reading tons of op ed pieces and trolling facebook and all this my head is spinning and the pressure building up inside me might literally kill me. I actually take this blog seriously and really want to see it take off because I’ve realized I love writing and I am an absolute consumer of politics, this shit really gets me off, and honestly, I think it’s time that voices get heard, it’s strange to sit in my garage drinking beer and smoking with a bunch of people who agree about the majority of things and surprisingly realize that none of them feel represented.

Donald Trump… Yes I said it, the one thing I’m sure plenty of people were hoping I wouldn’t talk about was Donald Fucking Trump. I’m not going to go horribly in depth on the subject and since this blog doesn’t solely belong to me since I have other authors you wont have to worry about the blog being entirely on one candidate, that’s not saying I’m an avid supporter of Trump but I will defend him when I am seeing the same asinine treatment from the media that so commonly bestowed upon any member of the GOP.

First things first, establishment GOP folk, quit fucking crying about the Trump candidacy, it’s your god damn fault! We gave you the house, we gave you the Senate and then we watched as Barack Obama got everything he wanted and all we got in return was John Beahner looking sad about shit and the adult version of Myrtle the Turtle (Mitch McConnel) either also being sad or seeing just how much of his bottom lip he can lose inside his mouth. THEN to make it better, the solution you give us for the 2016 election is JEB BUSH!! Are you fucking kidding me? Some drunk asshole looked at a paper and said “A Clinton is running… We always wish a Bush beat a Clinton… I’ve got an idea guys!” You elementary fucktards gave us literally the worst idea ever, it’s like it was created with a spinning wheel. Now there is a pissed off electorate who is looking for relief from what they view as the possible coming civil war or the end of our republic as they know it and you decide you’re going to run a third Bush as an answer to Clinton and then we’ve got two junior senators also making waves (remember how upset we were that Obama hadn’t really done shit before running for President, then enter Rubio, who doesn’t know he’s supposed to vote in the Senate). You guys are assholes….

Now the campaign trail looks like the NFL post season because nobody knows who to support, you’ve got people who all of the sudden think Kasich is the best thing to happen to America since Ronald Reagan except he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the nomination and the entire Republican party just let everyone know they get their politics from Facebook feeds. The GOP is getting a political gold mine with Trump, they are actually getting the ability to drag the media into the street and shame them for their blatant hypocrisy, but instead their too busy being butthurt that their guy isn’t winning. I mean Christ, you’ve got people getting paid to protest Trump rallies ($3,500 craigslist adds), you had a guy rush the stage at a rally and get a ridiculous interview with CNN where he gave you the media narrative as his motive “Trump’s a bully” “Trump’s a white supremacist” WHERE IS YOUR INDIGNATION YOU ELITIST ASSHOLES?!?!?

While you’re  too busy begrudgingly supporting Cruz or for some reason still giving Kasich the time of day and crying about how much you hate Trump you’re missing another wonderful opportunity of paint the DNC for exactly what it is, an elitist group of demagogues who are owned by special interests like George Soros and Unions who would rather sell the American people up river than ever actually do something patriotic like pay attention to votes. I mean superdelegates??? Nohing says “We want your opinion but ultimately we think we are smarter than you ” or let’s look at the looming fact that Hillary Clinton is facing a possible federal indictment because she did commit a crime, this is not a question I know this law extremely well because I’ve worked in the industry… SHE COMMITTED A CRIME, the only question is whether anyone will actually prosecute her for it, so not only does the DNC think it’s smarter than the electorate, they also know they are above the law…. My GOD, spirit of Breitbart bless us with your rage and spit fire upon the crowds at the convention who remain silent. So we hear stories about how the RNC is covertly trying to set up a brokered convention and the media sits there with the smugness and they look the other way while the DNC overtly mocks everything this country stands for and just spits in the face of every American voter, awesome.

I will write another post on my opinion of stupid gotcha questions from those cocksuckers in the media, good god, right now I could choke every single journalist right now because they are just so smug with their social justice warrior horseshit acting like they don’t make millions of dollars to do whatever Soros and Media matters tells them to do… they are the greatest threat to our country and they should be prosecuted for lying to the American people. The white house had a “glitch” that took ISLAMIST out of the speech given by the French president so I guess we are still riding the lie that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, and every dumbass that wants to debate me on it I’d love to see your face when I name over  150 different terrorist organizations that operate all over the world and give you the human rights score of every Islamist country in the world and you’ll still whimper “It’s some Muslims, not all Musilims” Fuck you, you stupid suburbanite piece of shit, you would probably let them cut your neighbors head off for going to church instead of call the police because you’d worry about it making you look racist (just like the neighbor of the San Bernadino couple).

I feel a little better. More to come folks. Don’t forget to Comment and like the blog and look us up on facebook @



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