I am immensely tired of gotcha questions coming out of the media, they constantly hide behind this guise that they’re “getting to the heart of the issues”, how many issues have we watched the media ignore because it doesn’t support their aristocracy? I’m supposed to believe that Chris “tingle up my thigh” Matthews who thinks that any mention of Obama playing golf is racist really gives a flying fuck about abortion? How many times have we elected a pro-life President and saw no real movement on the abortion issue?

I’m not going to harp on the abortion issue too much, I am pro-life, I don’t get crazy about it, I just feel in as technologically advanced society as we live in with ample access to federally funded contraceptive and sex education beginning as early as fucking preschool it seems I fail to see how people really have so many unexpected pregnancies, and don’t cry baby to me about rape, incest, or medical reasons, fuck you and your pathetic attempt at taking the moral high ground over killing babies. First of all, that is a minuscule percentage and doesn’t account for the millions of procedures that can onl be accounted for by ill-preparedness and irresponsibility.

As much as it infuriates progressives to think that one of the great red flags liberals love of somehow relating one single issue like abortion to the entirety of women’s rights, you know, because the only thing women really care about is their ability to continually become pregnant and have an unwanted baby sucked out of them, this is LITERALLY the glue holding women’s rights together. Let’s not forget the logical consistency since the courts decided it takes two to tango, if you have a child you are required to pay a state mandated sum of money for the remainder of that child’s adolescent life, BUT, if the woman decides to terminate this pregnancy at an point the government will be God damned that you tell her what to do with her body you misogynistic piece of shit! Equal rights and the like.

I’m not advocating men being able to force women into abortions, I just find it inconsistent that under he banner of equality women get to choose whether they are parents, and don’t tell me women are the ones that have to carry the baby for nine months, because no you don’t! YOU HAVE A CHOICE! So I feel the real freedom for such an enlightened society is choice for all people. Of course there is always the political powerhouse that is planned parenthood, granted since they stopped steralizing the poor and mentally feeble they have moved on to women’s health.

Everyone has heard about the videos being released which I believe are real since there were explanations given by planned parenthood before they began claiming they were edited, though the full unedited versions were always available the whole time. My question is why are we still funding this program since their entire purpose, besides sterilizing the poor and lesser races for the glory of eugenics (Heil Margaret Sanger), was to provide healthcare to low income women who can’t afford insurance, but that’s the entire purpose of the affordable care act, so why do we need planned parenthood now that we have Obamacare?


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