The Gender Bender

This rant is a little more difficult I suppose than most, honestly it’s because of all the emotion people want to throw behind it. I’m going to share my actual opinion on the subject and not just regurgitate rhetoric like most of the other commentators do and I hope that is the reason why people read this blog. Lately we have seen a sudden assault almost instantly fueled after the white house pressured the supreme court into repealing DOMA and ultimately forcing states into recognizing same sex marriages regardless of what the population asked for, don’t get me wrong, I can’t find anything in the constitution that says you can’t marry whomever you want, but I understand the opposition, and if the government bends so much to placate Islam when politically expedient they could at least hear out the Christian majority (Just for reference, every major religion condemns homosexuality regardless of how much the media wants to throw the cross into the flames over the issue).

We aren’t talking about homosexuality though! We are talking about the even more severe minority than that!! We are talking about Transgender!!

To get the record straight and so you understand the actual amount of which this is a minority population. 3.5% of the US population identifies as homosexual, 0.3% identify as transgender, so we are working with a very severe minority on both fronts that seem to be able to dominate the conversation. Just for reference, there are more millionaires in the United States than there are Gays or “Genderqueer” Whatever the fuck that means. SO we don’t like it when the millionaires get a voice because we are after all the 99% or some shit, but when the gays get going it’s like the 1960’s all over again except instead of MLK running the show we have Rosie O’donnel still being annoying and Bruce Springsteen refusing to play a show in NC, MY GOD NO, NOT THE BOSS!!

So most of this issue is shit, literally, because we are focused on bathrooms, particularly bathrooms in public places or in private businesses because remember, a person’s business is a private establishment if you want to disagree with that I would like to introduce you to 1939 Germany where the government had an absolute say in how citizens conducted business because that is called fascism.   The point is we’ve been such a hateful society that we’ve only put placards on bathroom doors that depict a man and a woman and never opened ourselves up to the idea of the person who can’t figure out what is going on down there, or the person whose mother hyphenated their name six times to save her lineage and made sure to give Tommy pigtails because she wanted him to “Discover itself and not be forced into a gender” HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NOT CHILD ABUSE? Seriously? So it’s terrible for people to deny climate change because it’s Science yet when you have a dick between your legs we are suddenly allowed to consider that empirical evidence as subjective?? I’m serious, my brain is melting, we hate climate change deniers because we say that there is sound Scientific evidence (though dissenting arguments are silenced, but that’s a different article) but the whole dick and balls, we’ll let someone decide whether that’s true or not, it’s like the Anti-Vaccine movement except even more ridiculous!

The entire United States is being held hostage by 0.3% of it’s population because they think they are the opposite sex, which they can remedy through hormone therapy and an operation (Which by the way is covered by the State of California’s medical welfare program MEDICAL and probably other states as well) but for some reason they don’t, so they can become a woman or a man, but they choose not to, yet I have to recognize them as the sex they want to be instead of the one the are… and they are that sex, literally… it’s a dude. I have the ability to go to medical school, but I don’t want to, I believe I’m a doctor so let me operate on you because life is about what you can dream!! I’m actually a having trouble formulating good writing because I think this entire discussion is so ludicrous I can’t even.

People are up in arms because NC wants to say that if you have a dick you’re a man, a position that should be supported by anyone with any form of education that gave letter grades instead of smiley faces and any private establishment that says you have to go to your assigned restroom instead of the sign saying “fuck it whatever”. The problem is we are running into the conflict of two different people’s rights, one person’s right to believe they can be whatever they want and another person’s right to privacy and not have to worry about doing their business with a man or woman present, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly the woman having a man in her bathroom. So, my confusion is where the women’s lib gals are going to side because you have the person who carries the evil penis of death walking into a girls restroom, which according to their narrative, it’s most likely to sexually assault every woman in the room, or at least degrade her. So they want to defend women, but then you’ve got these penis carrying assholes who think they are women except they get higher pay because of their penis that they don’t even want but wont have removed, probably because of all the benefits they get from the patriarchy…..GAH!

In summary on this rant I will say, Vaccines are good because science says they are and there is no real evidence that they cause autism, we hate the people that find a shitty article on some hippy site that says they are terrible because reasons and most of the US wants you arrested for putting your child, and a considerable amount of the population at risk for diseases that have almost been eradicated because you want to believe something that has been dis-proven by science, BUT, regardless that your DNA and physical body shows you as a MAN, and we can change the physical part of that with the miracle of modern medicine, you want us all to play your pretty pretty princesses dress up board game with you and call you Queen Shasha instead of Gary because at some point you decided that whatever you believe is real and some dumb asshole at Berkley drafted some dumb shit to try and force the entire federal government to force the rest of the population to go along with whatever you say… I swear people, soon we will have to make sure the furries don’t get disrespected and will have to address them as Lord Silverfang, emperor of the upper Seattle wolf pack.. because really, how much different is that?



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