On the Inside Looking… Further Inside

I’m from the Internet. Call me an irresponsible basement dweller if you’d like, but it gives me a little unique insight into the direction popular culture will be headed. If nothing else it allows me to mingle with the ideas of both the fringe Left and the alt-Right. And I’ve got to say, one of these futures is frightening. (Hint: it involves free slaps for CIS white males.)

One of my preferred sites is a cog in the Internet Hate Machine. It is, and always has been, a haven for lunacy, degeneracy, and ultimately fucked up thoughts; a place well outside the mainstream, where limits are pushed simply for the sake of pushing them. How sad is it, then, when the most deviant of ideas rising from the the borders of even this shit-hole consist of a devotion to the nuclear family, God, chivalry, tradition, and pride? Which is not to say these guys don’t bitch about mainstream media oppression. Because God, they just don’t shut up. Yeah, I get it, you’re an object of loathing among Third Wave Feminism but let’s be honest: when you refer to yourself as a Red Pill, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

And then there’s the fringe left. Its vanguards of “culture” seem to be a lot more numerous, but of significantly less substance. Tumblr in particular seems to be full of special snowflakes, so much so that “Tumblrina” is a reasonably common phrase to describe the female victims of Western Society as a whole. You know, the ones who are treated as equals, and not property. The ones who are protected by law, where their significant others can’t beat them with impunity, the ones that don’t get stoned for adultery for being raped, where they don’t get their clits cut off, where they can go to work and only constitute about 8% of workplace deaths. You know, the oppressive West.

As an aside, “microaggression” isn’t a thing. You can’t just make up a damn word because someone was impolite to you. Maybe they’re just an asshole. And maybe, just maybe you had it coming. Not because of your race or gender, but because you’re an asshole.


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