What did you meme?

Social media has opened us up to an incredible ability to discuss and learn about people and different parts of the world from our living rooms and we have connected with social issues and politics in a way we never have before. You can scroll through your facebook and learn a lot about your friends and coworkers especially during an election season. There is one predominant way that people are getting their news, one way that the art of gripping headlines can be used without the pesky business of facts or even reality.

The meme….

Look, I love memes, they are a hilarious break from what could be an otherwise dull timeline filled with pictures of kids, amen and share bullshit, and some garbage about gluten free god knows what. Political machines and media outlets have fallen in love with it because they can incite an outcome without having any fact check or ethics what so ever. It doesn’t matter that you see it and know that it’s complete garbage, it’s that a million people saw it and drew a conclusion. People can tell me it happens from both sides of the aisle, I’m not saying it doesnt, but if you think someone can release an unfactual conservative meme and it doesn’t get slaughtered you are a liar. Liberals will see something posted by Occupy Democrats, who so far have been one of the worst, it will say everything they want to hear and like wildfire that shit is all over social media and becomes fact.

That’s the biggest problem, the media has realized that as long as enough people repeat it, it becomes fact. This was a lesson they learned in 2008 with Tina Fey saying whatever crazy shit she wanted dressed up as Sarah Palin and the liberal base is so hateful  (they hate nothing more than a female republican) they started attributing quotes from SNL to the vice presidential candidate and nobody was going to stop them. So now you have places like motherjones.com who will gladly adjust whatever statistic they want to fit their anti gun narrative and every Bernie Sanders supporter who has a hard on for fascism will eat that shit up for breakfast and not even blink an eye, you heard after San Bernardino about all the mass shooting statistics (you know, to cover up the fact that it was an ISIS sanctioned terrorist act) where they told everyone there were more mass shootings than days in the year and a few smart people went…. why aren’t we hearing about it?? Because it was bullshit and untrue, the FBI doesn’t track mass shootings, they do track shootings that involve more than two people including the shooter, that’s how you get that number! They took any time more ran two people were involved in a shooting called it a mass shooting and BOOM! Epidemic, and memes a plenty about how we are fucked as a nation unless we give our guns to the government and leave it to the police (whom we also hate and think are racist).

So yes, a few examples of how the left keeps their base fueled with lies ad spreads misinformation to keep the voters from ever researching for themselves, because an informed public is dangerous.


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