Myth busters – John Kasich

Nothing has been more exciting for me this election season than finding out just how gullible and ill-informed my friends on social media are. It’s one thing to post random misleading news items or completely false statistics that finally prove that falty point you’ve been so desperate to validate, it’s a completely different issue when you have jumped behind every underdog candidate you can and defend yourself as being “a true Republican” or even worse “a true conservative”. So today we are going to break down the myth that John Kasich has a chance in hell in general election, and also the fact that he’s staying in the election (barring GOP conspiracy) for no other reason than he’s more of a self absorbed asshole than Donald Trump.

Face the facts people, John Kasich has won one primary, his home state of Ohio which is the equivalent to your mom voting for you as class president (I’m aware how much more hilarious that makes Rubio’s loss in Florida). What that means is the people (you know, the ones who vote in the general election) don’t like the idea of President Kasich, unless of course for some reason his millions of supporters just stayed home for some completely unrelated reason that doesn’t involve John Kasich being lame as shit. The GOP decided that they would allow popular vote to effect delegate votes, that means they get an early look at who people would support in the general election, typically these voters are more informed and also more passionate about the party, the GOP doesn’t have to do this, they could hold a closed convention and pick their candidate, but they don’t, so once again… WTF John Kasich?

Here’s the myth John Kasich is the only guy who can beat Hillary Clinton in the general election, do you notice how I don’t get a hard on over general election polls prior to the convention? It’s because they are almost always complete bullshit, also, historically in these polls they always show the Democrat winning which has obviously not been the case (substantial evidence suggests that people sitting at home in the afternoon able to answer a telephone research poll typically vote democrat due to many reasons but mostly government benifits) but I digress, so yes, I’m sure the pollsters would love to see a repeat of McCain/Romney you know, the super electable, reach across the aisle, pander to the middle, lose the shit out of the election candidates the GOP loved so much? Yeah, that’s John Kasich.

Kasich would lose the general, most certainly by an incredible margin, why you ask? Because all those wonderful people who voted in the primary will probably say “fuck the GOP!” Because not only did they skip Cruz at a contested convention, but also, they picked the guy who was just awful and only hung around because he forgot which bus stop to get off at. Just so you’re aware, Trump has 2 million more votes in the primaries than Romney did, not sure where Cruz stands but either way they have both energized the party and have made everyone look long and hard at why the GOP establishment has failed. It is very simple, if you want more of the same limp wristed conservatism, broken promises, high debt, higher taxes, more federal control, and inevitably gun control, vote for John Kasich, he’s like diet Hillary Clinton, all the liberal policies, but he’ll feign trying to do something about it.


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