The death rattle of liberalism

Say whatever you wish about the Donald Trump candidacy, and many have, but one of the greater things that has come out of it is that we have seen the face of liberalism for what it truly is, a movement clinging to life as it slowly dies.

Back in it’s formative years in the 1960’s and 1970’s liberalism took academia and the media by storm with it’s anti-censorship and free speech ideals. They were going to take “the man” head on and make America the free place it was supposed to be as oppose to being run by stuffy executives and overly conservative Christians. For thirty years the liberal movement has been safe perched on TV towers and at collegiate institutions being able to put out whatever they wanted, the problem is that the pioneers of the movement retired and left their cause to the unwitting group of people who protested in college, then got their doctorate and became professors and never saw the struggle of those pioneers and had only had the benefits of their fight, or in other words, they inherited the liberal trust fund. Nobody was fighting for true victims anymore, they had to find victims, they had to create degrees for you to study these victims so they could continue the, enter things like women’s studies and gender studies, two degrees that have literally no application outside of college except to teach the subject or become a professional protestor.

Luckily for logic based conservatives the liberal movement having inherited their bourgeoisie they had been out of practice and have even found it easy to lie about just about everything to make things go their way. We on the conservative side have always received the arrogant “well I sure would like to see your research” whenever we made a counterpoint to their argument, and now, with the internet still being a bastion of free speech we were able to actually find research to back it up, we are able to view statistics that the left would normally bury deep in the pages of a publication if they felt any ethical pull to publish them at all. The unfortunate part for the liberal is that they never had to back anything up before, they just thought it was widely accepted, so when they would get asked to back up whatever their arrogant statement may be, they panicked, and this panic lead to what will ultimately be the tomb of modern liberalism. The safe space.

We watched in horror as the BLM movement went to Mizzou and created a ruckus that was entirely unfounded and actually ended up receiving the power to unseat an administrator who had done nothing wrong. They morphed what was graffiti on a wall and created “a culture of racism”, it even got so out of hand that a school administrator was seen attempting to have a reporter assaulted because they created a “safe space” a space devoid of criticism, opposition, the press, or alternative thought, also known as a dictatorship. The situation didn’t stop there, it isn’t surprising to see a victim class that is sitting at an institute of higher education with the ability to earn a degree somehow try to convince those of us who didn’t receive race based scholorships or the joy of quotas that they somehow got the short end of the stick, the true horror was the at mizzou they started demanding racially segregated common areas, that is how bad the narrative has become from the left that they have convinced a generation of black americans that segregation was good… and that is when Rome began to burn and the sudden and terrible realization that they fucked up, and fucked up bad.

Now the result of this is instead of having to prove their results in an open forum they do what any dictatorship losing the faith of it’s people does, they silence any dissent. Any mention of proof is met with condemnation and shouts of bigotry and racism. Any person who is asked to prove their argument can flee to their safe space, even democratic feminists giving speeches have had students flee to safe spaces because they didn’t like what they had to say (see Christina Sommers). Instead of debating what Donald Trump says or using their already available microphone of media they just assault people at his rallies, physically threaten him, and block entry to his speeches. These are the actions of a dying dictatorship and I will be happy for it’s curtain call, if you don’t see the threat against your freedom of speech with this movement then it is time to wake up, because the next step of a dying dictatorship is armed conflict and they have the government gun and want to take yours.

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