Are you really surprised?

It has been all over the news today that the staff who worked on the trending news portion of the site was heavily regulated within Facebook corporate to include suppressing conservative politicians, media figures, a french-Canadian comedian, and subjects that they most likely deemed “against the cause”. The part that I find the most hilarious on the subject is the media at large must feel obligated to report on this because you know damn good and well that they do the same thing but now they’re going to spout their sudden journalistic ethics and demand some sort of ramification for it.

Now for all you wonderful liberal types and SJWs out there, you’re going to try and point out the hypocrisy of us conservatives getting angry about a company doing whatever it wants and exercising it’s right to do business as it pleases, and yes, generally you would be correct except when the basis of your product is “a direct reflection of what is trending throughout facebook through status’ and hashtags to provide a real time sense of what the public at large is talking about”. When you make a statement that you are going to show what people are saying, and then make a motions to silence a viewpoint you find unfavorable you are not only being intellectually dishonest, you are violating the freedom of speech of millions of people, let’s not even mention that we know for a fact that they have already colluded with foreign governments to silence dissidents. When a corporation works directly with a government to support a particular government and to edit the internal narrative of the people it is called Fascism.

Social media falls into a very different venue when it comes to speech because the entire purpose of it is a gathering area for people to meet, speak, and discuss which makes it a public area as much as one can exist on the internet, yet this is their defense¬†when using your photo because you liked something. Facebook isn’t a news organization, they’re a social media site which gives you an expectation that it would be the unadulterated views of the public at large, not an aggregated collection of social justice policies and an attempt at shaping public policy and opinion to fit some crazed liberal narrative and further assert control over what people think is really going on in the world. I fear what the fallout over this will be since there was an overt attempt by the previous CEO of reddit to do something similar and she was absolutely destroyed over it which was fantastic to watch, when you do something covertly though it becomes even more interesting to see the sting of the internet at large.

The question that everyone must ask is about all the times they’ve scrolled through their facebook news feed and saw things on Black lives matter, the arab spring, the Syrian refugee crisis, all things that Facebook gladly took credit for shaping due to their open speech policies whether these were all thrown in the public’s face as an attempt to shape public policy and create a structured discourse instead of allowing the public at large, which has been extremely good at getting to the point of causes and exposing those that were money making or publicity schemes (can you say #gamergate)? It’s ok folks, we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.



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