What did you meme part 2

Anybody see that meme recently where people mention some issue that is going on in the world like how many bees died last year or how shell leaked 90,000 gallons of oil into the ocean but then chastises people for being upset over targets bathroom policy?


First, you are literally going to do nothing about any of these situations, not one. Shell will clean the oil, bees will get figured out, most of the other issues you want to try and act like we are ignoring have solutions, what we don’t have is a solution to a fringe group of people who are forcing fundamental change on our entire society to comfort them in their moment of psychosis. I don’t say this lightly and I’m not speaking solely of bathrooms, this is merely the symptom of the much greater problem, America is not allowed to have a culture.

The unification of any group of people comes from sharing a common ethos, or set of distinct charecteristics that define them. We had this back when people talk about the greatest generation, you know, the one academia wants to completely destroy by bringing up the few mistakes the country made as oppose to freeing Europe, advancing greatly in technology and infrastructure and ultimately setting the stage for things like the civil rights and women’s liberation movement. The very word multiculturalism destroys any ability of defining a culture for yourselves, rather, everyone needs to fit into their special place as defined by their color, religion, or race.

It’s simply amazing to see the forced attempt of second and third generation people attempt to celebrate a culture they know nothing of, or even better, be forced into one their grandparents fled for good reason. If your black, you have to listen to your music, wear your clothes and like your movies, if you think I’m making this up, look at what it means to be a Carlton or when someone “be acting white”. If you think white people are racist, talk to a “light skinned” kid, those poor bastards are told white people hate them because they’re black and blacks tell them their too light skinned to be black.

Liberals hate the idea of American exceptionalism, they don’t like America, they’ve been taught that we are a terrible country who stole everything from someone else and we built ourselves on the back of minorities, they’re self defeating against success because they view it as evil, any success gained must be because you took something from somebody else, not only is this a terrible way to live your life it has no basis in reality. They conjure this great evil that is America while systematically denying evidence against that assumption and turning a blind eye to the actual horrors of other societies. You’ll hear constantly about poverty in America, yet they’ll block any chance at economic growth and protest farms to feed children, I can’t grasp it any other way other than a mental disorder.

When we see complaints throughout society from not enough black actors winning Oscars to not enough female leads in video games of course we are going to be skeptical when companies placate silly demands, we are skeptical because we see where the road is going to lead. We predicted the transgender movement after SCOTUS gave it’s ruling on gay marriage, you said we were ridiculous, now, you see a push for gender neutral pronouns, how long until those crazies who claim buying your 3 year old son a toy truck is somehow oppressing him into a gender stereotype? Don’t say I’m crazy because this exists! This absolutely exists!

The concern of people out there is that a war has been declared against having an American culture, instead the left wants a war between everyone and a society of easily controllable victims who can be manipulated into support austere policies sold as “helping”. The most dangerous thing to a government is a nation of people who know who they are and stand together, if we are unified we may start asking hard questions like where the hell is our social security and why in God’s name can’t you balance a budget?


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