Not the truth!

It is inevitable that by now you’ve heard the media freak out over Donald Trump bringing up rape while going over the list of accusations that have been made about Bill Clinton, I’ve heard it was “typical” of Trump, and I’ve heard that “only in the today’s politics would you hear this kind of talk”

The problem is it’s true…

In 1999 Juanita Brodderick came forward with a claim that when Bill Clinton was the attorney general for the state of Arkansas he raped her, the ensuing allegations against her and the type of vitriol from Hillary is the type of attitude that feminists in colleges are talking about when it comes to people in power “getting away with it” most of you reading this may not remember, but Monica Lewinsky came public with her affair and she was all but murdered for it. I’ve never seen a situation where the entirety of the media thinks it’s innapropriate to bring up an allegation, they were all about convicting the Duke lacrosse team for it before the trial started and suddenly forgot all about it when the accused were vindicated.

On any college campus you will hear about rape culture, the evil specter of men just waiting to drag women into a dark alley somewhere and assault them. This number of 1 in 5 comes from a university of pensylvania survey where they watered down sexual assault so much that almost any common dating ritual is sexual assault, also, drinking a beer means you can’t consent, you are fully and legally liable if you drive drunk and that is all your fault, but one beer.. RAPE.

So now liberals are left with the awful decision of supporting a woman who has attacked women who claimed sexual assault, and wanting to point out an actual instance where the entirety of a party and the media will defend what is an obvious trend all because he’s a Clinton. Hillary has enabled his actions for years for her own political gain, she is quite literally one of the most disgusting people when it comes to claiming to be a “champion of women” as long as they keep their mouth shut about her husband. But it’s ok, let’s vote for her because she’s a woman.

Remember this moment for the general election, when the media was disgusted because someone told the truth.


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