God they wish he was white!


Because I regularly like to think before I post, not only because I believe in integrity when it comes to media, but also, every liberal out there will fact check my posts but not their own. What we have here is the same contingent of black nationalists who post things about the motherland they do nothing for, the community they allow to crumble around them, and the country they refuse to participate fairly in, it’s the #blacklivesmatter folk really.

In case you don’t get out much a kid fell in an enclosure in a zoo and the zoo killed a gorilla, that’s really all I’m going to say on that subject. Was it bad patenting? Don’t care. Was the gorilla protecting the child? Don’t care. What I do find fascinating is how twitter exploded over this immediately assuming it was a white child that fell in the enclosure and because of said white child another piece of Africa was destroyed.

In case you haven’t slipped on the irony dripping off the statements yet, the child was black….

I’m not going to ask the question why so many black people immediately identified more with the gorilla than the child, such suppositions would be reminiscent of old racist signs from the late 1800s, but I mean, come on! It is completely incredible to me how we can’t have a four year old fall in a damn zoo without race being involved, this country has lost their mind!

All joking and too good to pass up racial rhetoric aside, what the hell is going on? We are in a literal race war, and that race war is baseless and garbage. We have watched the black lives matter movement get behind too many causes that turned out to be lies, misrepresentations, or flat out fiction and even their leaders can’t be honest about their own race. But there was a lot of money to be made in starting the race war, not just directly, but indirectly as well, and I’ll explain how.

When Barack Obama won the white house in 2008 he experienced a privelage that wasn’t because of his white half, he had the media poised and ready that when anyone disagreed with him they would immediately scream racism and whomever made the dissenting argument would run and hide in fear of the political fallout. Chris Matthews even said that mentioning Obama playing golf (something he seems to do during every national crisis, but at least he’s not in Crawford) is a dog whistle for racism. This protection lost its luster around the time that Obama decided to bail out banks and shove Obama care down our throats, finally the public decided this was a republic and king Obama needed to be reigned in.

That’s when you start a war

Much like every other wag the dog scenario you need to distract the populace, and what’s better than a good ‘ol race war? Somehow the American people watched a black president and a black attorney general go out and tell you institutionalized racism was alive and well… yes the head of the country and the head of justice department, you know, the man, the institution, said they were racist. Then a movement started, and they got bankrolled by a rich white guy.

With this movement we saw a kid who assaulted a convenience store worker, a rowdy group of teenagers assault a gated community pool, college students demand segregation, and finally a poor black kid whitewashed because it sounds better. This is our country now, where if we can make it about racism we will because people will get furious, and the argument that it’s real is so weak you have to change the facts to even get anyone to pay attention.


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