Not the truth, again!

In case you haven’t heard Donald Trump said the media was biased and the media was completely taken aback by such an accusation. The problem is, they are and if you’re not an idiot you’ve known this. I always found it hilarious how upset people were about Fox news, I’d hear constant complaints about how biased they were, how they were in bed with the GOP, and other such things, yet when I would bring up the liberal bias of MSNBC or CNN there was an immediate shock and almost disbelief that the news station they agreed with was possibly pandering to them.

Instead of dredging up old news for examples I don’t need to go far to point out the obscene bias of the media, and we’ve been blessed with the greatest examples recently with their coronation of Hillary Clinton and denial that she may quite literally be Satan. Let’s start with NBC news sitting on an interview with Guccifer, the hacker who accessed Clinton’s private email server, for over a month and conveniently released it after the Indiana primary, which could have arguably changed the tide in favor of Bernie Sanders if they had released the interview shortly after it was done near the end of March.

If that doesn’t convince you, how about we talk about the way they portray Trump rallies, where they always pit the Trump supporters as aggressors and can’t help blame his rhetoric for the violence (never asking the question of what would happen if he was just allowed to have a rally in peace) and how they portray the Nevada convention , where most articles talk about how upset Bernie Sanders’ supporters are, how they feel the process is rigged and then jump on the chance to talk about how much worse Trump rallies are, the one thing that they seem to gloss over is that there is one common factor in both of these events and that is liberals, specifically college age, social justice warrior, Bernie Sanders liberals. Apparently it isn’t something they want to comment on because it is painfully obvious, Trump supporters aren’t gathering together and deciding to fight each other, they went to support their candidate and a bunch of punk kids showed up not to protest but to bully the entire movement and violence ensued, just like how when they didn’t get their way in Nevada, violence ensued, I’m sure that was Trump’s fault though right?

How about when the New York times did an in depth article painting Trump as a misogynist only to have the people interviewed come out en masse about how their words were completely out of context yet they feign complete indignation when Trump brings up the sexual assault and rape claims against Bill Clinton? But it’s ok, be upset press, be angry that someone finally called you out about your complete lack of integrity and ethics, you can all console each other at the next meeting when you’re trying to figure out why you’re no longer relevant.


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