Hail Hydra?!?!?!


First and foremost let me confess that I’ve never been a huge Captain America fan, I liked comic books as a kid but didn’t really have the ability to buy a ton of them and keep up with story arcs and all of that business, but I have noticed that Captain America has become a particular target of several movements and I’m going to explain why.

Who is Captain America?

Easy enough question for anyone who has payed attention to the Marvel cinematic universe in recent years, he’s Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). It’s an easy enough story that hasn’t gone through many changes since Timely comics created him in 1941. Steve Rogers was a gangly boy from New York who believed in fair play and the American dream and got picked for an experimental trial by the United States government because his moral compass and unshakable ethics. He became Captain America and subsequently beat the third Reich and made his way into the annals of comic book history. It’s not who Captain America or Steve Rogers is in the comics, it’s what he represents. Captain America is the embodiment of the American spirit, he represents the everyman of society, he does what is right and just. He was any other kid on any other day but he knew what America was, he knew that the United States is the greatest nation, a country whose people were in charge, a nation that would charge head on into a fire fight against an authoritarian evil bent on enslaving the world with an iron fist!

Captain America is patriotism, the very ethos that we see under attack on a daily basis as defenders of individual liberty and the constitution. He represents our military, he represents our morality, he is who we are, a man who loves his flag and believes in tradition and preservation over outlandish control and an overly powerful state that forces assimilation upon people. It’s telling that when Marvel comics revived the character in 1963 that he had been suspended in ice, he was from the greatest generation, and every iteration we’ve seen of him this story has played true, he came from the generation that built a great America, and he reminds us of what values and ideology it took to build that nation.

Yes, last week it was put out that in Captain America: Steve Rogers, it was going to be revealed that he had been a Hydra double agent all along. This is probably a story arc to sell more comics in the grand soap opera that is the comic industry, but why? Why must the symbol of patriotism and nationalism have to be turned into a goose stepping Nazi wannabe? Because some people just can’t accept greatness. There are people who detest the idea of Americans being proud of our country, hell, look at the assault on every national holiday, there’s always that guy who has to bring up the trail of tears on Thanksgiving (Sorry we stole your land guys, I mean you all were killing each other for it too, but we’re white so it’s different, that’s why nobody cares about the Mexicans slaughtering the Comanche). So really this is just seemingly another attack on anything that would suggest America is awesome, a fact that is easily proven since so many people want to come here.

As if it wasn’t frustrating enough, there is also a group petitioning to make Captain America gay, why? Remember a few years back when we were talking about gay marriage and politicians and pundits mentioned the gay lobby and everyone acted like they were ridiculous for suggesting there was a gay lobby? Those people who are trying to make every business ask if someone recognizes the thing between their legs or not, the ones that want comic book characters, Disney cartoons, and children’s story characters to talk about how great giving your best friend a hummer is? That’s the gay lobby, also known as the LGBT-EXTRALETTERSFORPSYCHOSIS community.

Pretty much anything that’s an institution that isn’t the government must be destroyed, that is the ultimate goal. America is great because people can be whatever they want, not good enough for the left though, you must fit into their box, their society, their rules. Traditions? Bigotry . Diversity of thought? Hatespeech. Nationalism? Terrorism.

Final thought, it’s a little shitty that they took the Character that Himey Simon (Joe Simon) created to destroy the people who killed his fellow Jews and turned him into the very people who killed his fellow Jews, just ruins the spirit of the whole thing.


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  1. I respectfully disagree the proposed reason for this story arc. I admit I have the benefit of reading a few issues past the posting of this article, but most Cap fans were already discussing why we knew it was somehow bogus from the moment this issue was released.

    You’re right about Cap being the spirit of America. His character has been misrepresented in the past and used as propaganda at times for both the left and the right, but at the end of the day Steve does his best to be kind and just.

    Every fan knew it was some sort of trick (it has happened before) but I don’t want to give too many sploilers.

    I will say that even under the one of the most powerful forces of manipulation in the universe, we already see our hero resisting evil and following his moral compass.

    Cap is about staying true to the values we hold dear and sacred. No matter who tells us otherwise. And punching Nazis. A lot.

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