Why Bernie Sanders’ supporters would march us right into the camps


Political platforms built off envy and revenge are those of dictators, regardless how we feel about their targets. They are the ones who promise their electorate that once they are given the gun they will force those opposed to them to do as they wish and punish them for their crimes against society. No matter how many times in history we have watched the situation play out it is always the same, they don’t want to sit at the table, they don’t want to hear other opinions, they convince you society itself is unfair, institutions are slavery, and by the time the sound of a round entering the chamber of a rifle wakes you enough to realize their farce it’s too late and the dream of liberty is dead.

I spend a lot of my time cracking jokes about safe spaces and social justice warriors but to be quite honest with all of you, the term social justice brings the image of beret clad guerrillas executing political disidents, bodies left in the streets of villages, and artists being tortured in gulags, why those images as oppose to the fluffy, fair society that so many in colleges around the United States try to convince us they are trying to build? Because that isn’t what social justice is. Social justice in practice and in just dissecting the term will tell you what it means.

The term Social justice suggests not that you are seeking justice from a government or institution, it suggest you are seeking justice in society, which also means you feel society is unjust. Society is a collection of individuals, it is everyone rich and poor, young and old, the people of a nation are it’s society, and sometimes, recognition of similar ideology will grant a larger definition, for instance, western society.

To postulate that society itself is unjust would mean that the individual person is incorrect, really, to be blunt it says that the majority opinion that a nation has arrived at is incorrect. Social justice specifically targets individuals, since they wish to change the majority opinion of a society and not the practices of an institution they can only be targeting the group of individuals that encompass the majority. Their ultimate goal isn’t to change laws like the civil rights movement, it isn’t to regulate business so they can’t be abusive like the early unions, and it isn’t about representing a disenfranchised minority either, it is about fundamentally changing how society itself operates and you can only achieve that by changing how the individual himself thinks.

The first way to change the underlying logos that man uses to build his fundamentals, how he structures his opinions and perceives his society you must strip him of his liberty. Striping a man of his liberty is easy when you convince him of the idea of fairness, fairness being equal outcome. Controlling the outcome of any competition would be considered cheating by any society on earth and is typically an easy way to teach a child about good and evil when they are growing up, so why is it people willfully embrace the concept that a government who oppresses it’s people into ensuring an equal outcome, and therefore stripping a man of his liberty is a great idea?

Liberty bears a great amount of responsibility, you have the liberty to not pay your bills, they have the liberty to turn off your lights. Your responsibility for your liberty is only that you must defend it, and you must respect that others have it. The constitution itself was written with the metric that a man’s individual liberties were the basis of any and all laws put forward by the nation, one must always consider whether a law could infringe on a man’s liberty.

To make society “fair” meaning to guarantee equal outcome means there can not be individuals. Imagine you are challenged to a boxing match one year from today by someone who is physically your equal, after that year you step into the ring and see that your opponent has trained the entire year, monitored his diet, received expert instruction, and dedicated the last 12 months of his life to this fight, while you put the date in your calendar and went about your day. Liberty is that guy sacrificing an entire year of his life to knock your ass around a ring while you did nothing, fairness is handicapping that man so he, though he worked the entire year, is still as equal to you as he was a year ago, this is what social justice is to society, a handicapping of the individual to ensure an equal outcome for all.

If society is ruled unfair, then the opinion of society must also be considered incorrect, which by definition makes that opinion irrelevant to discourse. This is easy to see if you just browse “social justice warrior” on YouTube, it’s a fringe minority of psychotic brats who appear mostly unemployable screaming in everyone’s face and doing whatever is necessary to obstruct your ability to speak, that is because your opinion has been ruled irrelevant and your society unfair, you no longer have a right to speak, you are no longer part of the discourse. This behaviour at a governmental level is best described as a brigade of troops surrounding a protest and opening fire, your society is wrong, your individual is wrong, your assimilation to the minority opinion is required and any defiance is a threat to society and must be stopped by any means necessary.

As a free nation we always stand at the brink of collapse, the pressure put on the individual is great, but the benifits are always worth the effort. Our collapse will only come from within, when demands are based on envy, and policy written for revenge. Equality is based on opportunity, outcome is an individual responsibility, confusing those is the beginning of the dirge that the individual will sing on his way to the camp, while he kneels before his grave because his life has ended, his liberty is gone and the happiness he pursues will only be attained after the bullet enters his brain.


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