It was terrorism, it was Islam

In the wake of the shooting at a gay club in Orlando the left has unleashed it’s counteroffensive campaign because they have realized one very vital point to what led to the violence that occurred in Orlando, they had every chance to stop it and did nothing. It was singularly the most blatant example of what people on the right have been saying for years now, political correctness and our apologetic stance toward Islam will be our greatest weakness and ultimately lead to an internal insurgency. I will give you multiple examples of how they did nothing while staring directly in the eyes of the wolf.

  1. A Muslim scholar in Orlando suggested killing homosexuals out of compassion. Just weeks before this shooting a Muslim scholar invited to speak in Sanford and deliver his message that homosexuality is a death sentence in Islam, of course out of reaction the Islamic center has stated that they didn’t know that was his message but a cursory search would reveal this was his most popular talking point, in other words, it’s a God damn lie and we can see right through it. See the video here.
  2. The state department suspended an investigation on the Mosque that was attended by Omar Mateen citing that it “unfairly targeted Muslims” if the FBI investigated the Mosque and also, investigated Mateen, there would have most likely been credible evidence between the two investigations to at least take some sort of action, so their wish to be more politically correct allowed a domestic terrorist who had been being looked into by the FBI get away with the slaughter of American civilians.

At the end of the day liberals have been put into a terrible positon. They want to shriek about guns and “sensible gun control” they want to say it isn’t because of an ideology or a religion, but it was, it’s obvious to anyone who isn’t in total denial. Their solutions are going to fall on deaf ears, Mateen had a firearms license, he would have been able to purchase any fire arm he wanted and no regulation would have stopped him unless you want an all out ban on guns, which I would suggest against since you also want porous borders that are being utilized by Islamic terrorists every day. So while the leftist continues to weep about gun control the rest of us who aren’t in denial are going to recognize what really happened, ISIS has attacked the homeland again, and has promised to do so again, if you’re a homosexual I would strongly encourage you to research who has your best interest at heart – The group who is too afraid to confront the issue of Mosques within the United States recruiting fighters for terror groups and end the tide of potentially radicalized Muslims into our country. Or the group who regardless of some ideological principles has promised to stand in solidarity with your community and put any disagreement with your lifestyle aside and swear their own lives to your defense should any future threat present itself.



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