The Lynch mob

As we sit waiting to see whether the FBI is going to indict Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server to communicate with the state department to include some material that has been ruled Top Secret, I am going to make a couple of bets on how I foresee this whole boondoggle going down. The FBI is supposed to release the final report of their investigation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch this weekend and they also have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with Hillary Clinton. The problem that has most recently come out about this whole situation is a meeting that happened between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac of an Arizona airport which I’m ceartain had nothing to do with the case, whatsoever, just a coincidence.

The problem I foresee in this whole situation is that if the FBI does decide to indict Hillary Clinton that Loretta Lynch is going to pull some crazy legal gymnastics to deny the charges regardless of what she says about accepting the FBI’s decision. Most likely regardless of the recommendation from the FBI, she will seal the records to ensure that nobody will be able to scrutinize the decision, or find out how much political influence is involved. My real hope is, in my personal opinion, is that that there is no way she would be able to get clear from this without some sort of legal recourse, this stands as a situation that will prove whether or not there is any hope of integrity within the federal government or not.

There is quite literally no other person who would be able to walk clear from this situation, I have personally witnessed several incidents where people have mishandled classified material and at no point were they able to just walk clean away with no repercussions, but granted none of them were Clintons. We will see what happens coming tomorrow and throughout the weekend.


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