Police state

The last few days have been insane as far as the news is concerned. Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police in Baton Rogue, L.A. and two videos released, neither video can show whether or not Alton Sterling is reaching for his weapon, which yes, he did have on him illegally, because if you’re reaching for a gun or even look like you are reaching for a gun while resisting arrest it becomes a life and death battle for all parties involved and if I’m going to be fair, I’ll admit that I would also have shot him because I’m sure as hell not going to die in a parking lot at the hands of a child molesting felon. We also saw what should be defined as terrorism, the shootings in Dallas leaving 10 officers shot.

The early reports are that individuals opened fire on police during a protest about police shootings, two of the individuals fired from elevated positions. One claim the media made sure, ABSOLUTELY SURE was covered was the “very large magazine” one witness saw in the rifle being used, because it’s not about police being shot because you’ve spun such a divisive narrative against them, it’s a chance to talk gun control.

President Obama was asked to comment on the shootings while in Warsaw, Poland, he said it was tragic and they are going to wait for more evidence to come in. The issue I have with that is he is willing to await evidence when a planned attack against police officers because of a narrative his administration has routinely supported, but he didn’t say a damn thing about evidence in the Alton Sterling shooting, in fact, he said the DOJ is going to open a civil rights investigation into the shootings…. a CIVIL RIGHTS investigation, with no evidence he isn’t asking whether it was police misconduct that lead to Alton Sterling’s death, he is suggesting that Alton Sterling was shot because he was black and the officers were white.

This is the state of America, the left only cares if a black man gets killed by white cops, the Obama administration only cares if they can call it racism, and the DOJ wants to make criminals out of lawmen and Presidents out of criminals. I want to know the race of the shooters and I am prepared, if these suspects are part of a group like Black lives matter to watch the media tap dance and make excuses because they may have created the idiology that is responsible for a new wave of domestic terrorism. I look forward to the video Hollywood actors will release telling us about the officers killed, and I will wait patiently for a news agency to finally ask whether or not they bear some responsibility in their shameful reporting and lack of due process before labeling every white police officer as racist, because now it is life and death for them.


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