Obama may have finally impressed Allinsky by starting the revolution he always wanted.

When anyone is given a problem that has no solution but they feel they must continue to solve it, you find your self incredibly frustrated and begin to feel helpless within the situation. Over the last week we have lived through the 24 hour news cycle regergitating the same things over and over again, whether it’s their dismissive way of distancing Dallas and the other attacks on police from the Black lives matter movement or having to hear the disgusting way President Obama or Hillary Clinton find a way to insert their anti-gun agenda into the situation. President Obama said at the memorial for the fallen police in Dallas that he’s been to way too many memorials but I think he failed to realize that that is part of the problem.

The concept that the media and politicians are comfortable with the idea that the ends justify the means is simply terrifying to me. They know that there is no concrete evidence that a black man is more likely to be shot due to his race, as was found in a Paper by a Harvard professor, I’m not saying that police step over that line sometimes, what I will say is every time I see one of these videos that everyone tells me “proves racism” it’s some thug punk acting like an idiot and arguing/fighting the police and need I remind the readers that resisting arrest is a crime?

The narrative is that racism is alive and well in the United States and somehow after 8 years of a black President, black attorney general and in cities with majority black councils and representation the white man is still able to systemically punish minorities. The reason why it’s easy for us pundits to name off everyone one of those cases where this happened is because those are the ones that happened, in a couple try with 300 million people, but it’s obviously so pervasive and wide spread that the President of the United States feels it necessary to pick a side, which is what he did. Barrack Obama didn’t push for unity, he didn’t ask for clarity, he didn’t strive for reform, he jumped on the bandwagon of a movement that has continually been false, found corrupt, caught lying, caught fabricating, or was just flat out wrong in almost every single instance they have supported and what we got from Obama was “this seems legit.”

The worst part is that he knows. He knows it’s as common a problem as getting struck by lightning yet he feels it necessary to stoke the fires and get everyone starved for justice. It worked great for a while, even though they couldn’t find evidence of racism the narrative was working and Obama was able to get elected again because everyone felt they were forgiving themselves of the sins of our fore fathers by electing the adopted father of Treyvon Martin back into the white house.

Now the nation sits confused and divided. Those in the Trump camp recently got to hear about how his speeches about cracking down on terrorism led to the attack in Orlando, but nobody wants to make the easier leap of saying Black lives matter has fostered a jihadist ideology in young black men by making the feel helpless and unable to use rational means to solve their problems. Terrorism is funny like that, the media wants to deny it because the suspect didn’t have their ISIS membership card on them but the entire point of terrorism is to create chaos, guerrilla fighters, and sympathizers everywhere so you don’t have to corrdinate.

Our media and our government refuse to call it for what it is. When a Muslim kills people while yelling Allahu Akbar it’s terrorism, when a black man opens fire on police because they’re white it’s racism AND terrorism, but the world the left has created for itself is so contrary to logic that they have all but labotomised themselves and truly believe (this is the scary part) that all of this is unrelated and some of them I will flat out guarantee are happy that cops keep dying. Obama has once again gracefully taken a lesson from his mentor Allinsky and driven a wedge so deep that America isn’t sure if it can repair itself.


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