Baton Rogue

There’s more information pouring in on the Baton Rogue shooting that resulted in the deaths of three police officers, if you want to know what’s more disgusting than the media not realizing their culpability of pushing a proven false narrative that resulted in this climate? The fact that though the perpetrator had a YouTube channel making statements that mirror what the news media and the black Lives matter movement have expoused he made it all too clear that he was one of the many people who consumed this narrative wholesale and believed that police were just randomly going out shooting black people because they’re all racist.

With all of that being said the media is still doing everything in their power to deflect this from any connection to black lives matter but though this man has several posts talking about how evil police are the Baton Rogue police department has said they don’t believe this crime was racially motivated… their reasoning? One of the officers killed was black. Because in a gun fight that’s something someone will think about. Welcome to hell everyone, we have gone into the abyss where logic and reason are now thought crimes.


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