Being fat and bitchy doesn’t make you a better feminist.

The Republican National Convention opened up in Cleveland to a rouchous crowd and the media already trying to find any way they can stop.the steam roll that is proving to be the current Republican party. Where the Democrats made their second place candidate concede and sell his devoted followers up-river the RNC, though with some rules violations and a rude scoff at the grass roots, drafted the most conservative platform in recent history. With those victories thus far for the GOP there has been no shortage of ludicrous protests, one of which I will unleash the power of the patriarchy upon in gruesome detail.

Huffington post all but got themselves wet while editing this story about a photography project/ peaceful protest where a bunch of unshaven, sloppy dieted, scowl faced women got together and stood nude with mirrors in their hands as a stand against the anti-women policies of the Republican party. Nothing says I’m strong independent woman than nudity and a “let me speak to your manager” haircut. Who can’t be proud of the statement they’re making? They don’t want the oval office taken over by someone who makes fun of rape victims, enables sexual assault, and has no idea the struggle women have to go through to be successful… oh wait! That’s Hillary Clinton.

They are right though. The party that supports Islamic immigration where, as we’ve seen in Europe, has not resulted in assimilation but rather a push for them to bring their third world rule of law (sharia) to the west, you know, the one where you can’t drive as a woman, you can’t speak to a man who isn’t your husband, you must cover your body, it is legal for you to be beaten and killed for defiance, that’s the party of women! How about the party who has decided that a tiny sect of the population who can’t decide what gender they are having more of a right to wander into dressing rooms, showers, restrooms, and other facilities is more important than your right to safety or privacy, and yes, I remember when everyone said we were fear mongering by suggesting perverts would come out of the woodwork and you all thought protesting target was ridiculous I would like to invite you to print out this article and eat it, it’s about a tranny who got caught photographing women in a Target dressing room, I suggest dipping it in ranch.

Finally, how about the party that would rather placate to a minority vote and support a cultural ideal that it’s acceptable for a man to impregnate a woman and leave her to raise children on her own? Sorry, that wouldn’t affect you, you’d just kill the baby. Being fat, copying Miley Cyrus’ haircut, and having such a pessimistic attitude about your own abilities as a woman doesn’t make you a better feminist, in fact, it makes you a pathetic mob that is nothing more than an echo chamber of false ideas, if you were true feminists you’d champion any woman in politics yet you’ve attacked any right of center female, you wouldn’t allow the support of sharia in the united states, you wouldn’t allow Lena Dunam or Amy Schumer to discredit rape victims by making outlandish claims that turn out to be entirely false, and most of all you wouldn’t allow a party to say they’re about your right to choose and then watch them attack when someone chooses what they don’t want you to choose.


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