What’s in a paragraph?

Even though there are several newsworthy quotes from the Republican National Convention for the news cycle today the leftist media has decided to do what they do best, demean and attack a woman who isn’t a Democrat. Was a paragraph in Melania Trump’s speech pretty much the same as from Michelle Obama’s in 2008? Absolutely. This happens a lot actually because speech writers look over polling data and find notable speeches that polled well with specific demographics and utilize those as a benchmark in how and what to say, granted they usually do a better job of making sure they aren’t too similar. Once again in stark contrast to when Obama wholesale ripped off a speech from Deval Patrick in 2008 and the media rushed to defend the God king, Melania doesn’t get the same treatment, not just because she’s a republican, but because she’s a woman.

This is telling when you realize that liberalism is in it’s death throws since they can’t seem to be going after any substance of what the speakers have to say, they have to get so nitpicky that though hours of audio exist and the RNC just released it’s platform, they’re lecturing about plagiarism percentages because they can’t stand seeing a well spoken powerful woman on the right, it infuriates them, it turns their stomach, it makes them want to vomit blood thinking a WOMAN of all people would be REPUBLICAN! While the sexist media is busy patting themselves on the back for finding a trivial factoid for them to obsess over while they cry into their screen printed “I’m with her” pillow cases, we will wait patiently to see how many ethics they’re willing to abandon come the DNC next week.


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