Cruz alone

I’ve had a good amount of readers and listeners ask me to comment on the speech from Ted Cruz at the Republican Comvention, which is a great conversation because it is so based on perception that you really can’t win an argument but I’m going to submit my opinion. To set the stage of objectivity for this article I will say that neither of these men were who I voted for in the primary, and because some people say I barely talk about Cruz means it’s obvious I don’t like him it’s really because Cruz isn’t running so I just don’t care to speak about the past over and over again.

Here is the logical break down that helped me arrive at my decision.

1.) Ted Cruz didn’t extend an olive branch as his supporters want everyone to think, not that he wasn’t being peaceful, I just don’t see how HE extends an olive brach by the Trump campaign inviting him to speak at the convention, it doesn’t make sense.

2.) Ted Cruz didn’t have to come, this wouldn’t have surprised anyone nor would he be the target of any real rage. The Bush family is sitting it out and they’ve faced little to no negativity from it. He agreed to come for a reason, most politicians receive great exposure for these events, in fact Obama speaking at Kerry’s convention is what got him propelled into the 2008 election.

3.) Cruz’s speech was vetted by the Trump campaign and it’s reasonable to assume Trump himself.

Ted Cruz agrees to come to the convention, the entire point of which is to prepare and support the nominee for the general election. He decided that he wasn’t going to speak about Trump directly, completely fine, he also didn’t address the party, not exactly so great since it is your party too. He gets booed at a very specific line in his speech “vote your conscience” which everyone has gone crazy over and suggesting that Trump supporters hate the idea of conscience.

The whole claim is garbage, and you all know it! The #nevertrump movement has been harping over and over again how they can’t vote for Trump because of their conscience, everyone in the room knew it, so when Cruz (the godhead of the neverTrump movement) said it HE WAS ABSOLUTELY SIGNALING TO THE NEVERTRUMP MOVEMENT, tell me he was “really speaking about voting for trump” and I’ll ask why wouldn’t he just say it, you’ll say “he didn’t want to endorse Trump” so I’ll ask why the hell did he come.

So, Ted Cruz uses a line from the nevertrump movement and a part that everyone seemed to miss was right after that he does his own rendition of the Twilight of freedom speech by Ronald Regan, thereby painting himself as Ronald Regan who lost to Gerald Ford in a very rough primary, Ford then lost to Carter who was one of the worst Presidents and then Regan completely swept the country by storm and became the figurehead of conservative republican politics. TED CRUZ WAS PLAYING RONALD  REGAN any denial of that is BS and you’re a liar or too obsessed with Cruz you can’t see that he’s in fact not Jesus Christ (though his dad thinks so). He as much as said “screw it guys, give Hillary four years and I’ll come in and we will have another Regan, you’ll be part of something great if you just suffer for four years”.

To me this is undeniable. If Cruz wanted to take a stand he should have declined. Instead he did what he does best, served Ted Cruz and only Ted Cruz and would rather make the American people suffer more so he can be president. I’m sorry Trump is mean, I’m sorry Trump is unprofessional, but Ted Cruz is a selfish, self serving douchebag, who hopes for the destruction of American values and our Constitution just so he can say “I told you so”.


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