Double standard

Now that the Republican National Convention is over we can take a look at the events of the past week and our lessons learned from what happened not just in Cleveland itself, but the many, and I mean many failures of the media. One great part about this current election is that the media bias is so pervasive that I no longer have the burden of proof when I discuss it, anyone who doesn’t see it has to do it by willful choice. There were some ups and some downs throughout the week which is to be expected with an event like this but what people need to remember is this has received far more attention than any previous convention.

Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who died in the Benghazi terror attack gave an impassioned speech and said that she held Hillary Clinton personally responsible for the death of her son. Wonderfully we were treated to nothing short of completely disgusting responses coming from the left which told me that they were feeling the sting from a skillfully executed attack on Hillary, and that they lacked no true defense to the charges so they did what they always do, character assassination. This was Chris Matthew’s response: “I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother, has felt,” he said. “Her emotions are her own. But for the country in choosing a leader, it’s wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton. It’s not true. It’s logically not true. I think it’s wrong that they ruined their evening with this.”

Let’s make sure we get this right, Chris Matthews doesn’t care how Patricia Smith feels about her dead son, it is inconsequential to him that her son is dead, he doesn’t care. He had no problem feigning emotion for fallen Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan when Bush was in office and he held him personally responsible for their deaths, but now Chris Matthews doesn’t care. Another fact that he seems to casually forget is that it was confirmed that she told the families this was because of a video from Youtube which was later refuted by intelligence agencies, she even said “we’re going to get that son of a bitch” though it was proven she knew it had nothing to do with AND the director of that video was arrested! (Yes, a man was arrested for making a video, let that sink in)

Melania Trump gave a speech that contained two paragraphs of Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008, this literally was two full days of reporting, two full days during the Republican National Convention were dedicated to the media constantly repeating “Plagiarism” I’m not saying it wasn’t, but it by all means isn’t a precedent, nor really an exception in politics if you haven’t noticed all the social media posts that show the numerous times Obama has done the exact same thing, but Melania is a woman and a Republican which the left considers to be the most evil thing that could possibly exist, may I remind the reader of Sarah Palin, Nikki Hailey, Michelle Bachman, Condolezza Rice, Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, etc. These women had far larger targets on their backs than any man in the same situation which is absolute proof of the Left’s double standard that they so regularly use, and that they are indeed the most sexist party.

Part of the reason why they wanted to keep harping on Melania’s lines is the fact that they didn’t have to report a speech from David Clarke, a black chief of police from Milwaukee who says Obama has failed and that Black lives matter should be a terrorist organization. Apparently it’s ok for the media to silence the voices of black men if they don’t fit in the box that the Left has created for them, they did everything they could to avoid what was not only a poignant, but applicable speech. The last thing the media wanted was a man of color offering charismatic and strong leadership, and solutions to deal with the divide in America, they need that divide to win in November, and what they don’t need is another black man showing Obama how to properly deal with this situation.

Another great example of the media’s overt bias is that they kept repeating the narrative about how strange and unorthodox a convention this was with the stars that were invited and the subjects of some of the speeches. They kept painting this picture of Trump being completely lost and tone deaf to politics, really getting that message through that Trump is completely unfit for the Presidency. With a narrative making it sound like Trump has no idea what he’s doing mixed with the advertising slots on CNN for these conventions where on the Trump side it’s “Trump rocks Cleveland” which was pretty decent and made sense given that the rock and roll hall of fame is there, but put that against the “Hillary makes history” it becomes a very interesting differential, obviously yes, this is the first female nominee for President, and granted as always the Republicans were first when it came to bringing a woman onto the national stage and a presidential ticket with Sarah Palin, who was systematically attacked and had her family attacked as well far worse than anything Donald Trump has said to anyone ever.

The part I’m confused about is how the media went completely insane about Donald Trump’s guests yet Hillary Clinton has Lena Dunam, an actress and HBO show creator who also lied about being raped and sexually assaulted her younger sister and is now an advocate against sexual assault (irony being that Clinton not only defended a rapist in court, but also Bill has been accused of rape and sexual assault and Hillary attacked those women and called them liars). She also has Demi Lovatto, a singer speaking, there are several others I could get into but there was one main point that made me lose my mind. After the despicable actions of Chris Matthews over Patricia Smith’s speech I can’t help but wonder if he will have the same standard or disgust when the mothers of Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown speak at Hillary’s convention, are you also not going to care Chris?

I could continue to write pages and pages when it comes to this subject but I already know I’ve crossed the TL;DR line with most people. Don’t forget to look us up on Facebook at and download our weekly podcast on iTunes or google play.


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