In the hall of hypocrites 


The DNC has finally wrapped up in Philidelphia and the janitor at Wells Fargo stadium is getting tips from call girls on how to remove orgasmic emissions from the vinyl seats where the media sat. This was truly the greatest shining example of media bias and outright denial I’ve ever witnessed. When making the comparison between the two conventions the reality becomes all too clear that our news media has willfully abandoned the American people and corrupted the freedom of our press to the point that I question whether or not we even deserve that right any longer.

Whether it was the protests from the Bernie Sanders delegates, or the ridiculous sudden concern over national security over Emails the lack of objectivity is alarming. On Monday the DNC had to be reminded it was good practice to have the star spangled banner displayed while hosting a Presidential nomination, on Wednesday our current president recited lines from the Declaration of independence  (which I surmise he read for the first time). They painted Donald Trump as divisive, while inviting mothers onstage to make the case that the justice system is racist and corrupt since charges were dropped in almost every case they spoke of.

The case was made that Hillary Clinton is a true candidate for the people by the borgious of the Hollywood elite. We were told Hillary Clinton is a champion of children and minorities by women who want to further relax abortion policies which will dramatically affect the birth rate particularly in minority communities. We heard that Hillary Clinton is a unifier, while Sanders delegates were removed and silenced from their convention.

The press sits like an abused child awaiting a pat on the head from the hand that strikes them. Citizens united was a supreme court ruling because Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t want a conservative movie to be released during her campaign. An Egyptian film maker is blamed for his YouTube video and is arrested after Benghazi. Obscure laws have been conjured up anytime someone questions the Democratic party, the media plays along.

The crown jewel of this week is the condemnation of Russia over an email hack and Trump asking for the release of the 33,000 emails from Hillary’s server. The media all but set fire to themselves in ephagy over the situation, but the irony of their sudden condemnation was lost. Our republic is in true danger when a candidate is able to walk freely with no question, and her people are further enslaved. The first ammendment has been willfully eroded by our press, the only true line of defense. I fear we have lost the battle for true discourse in this country and must now revolt for free speech and thought.


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