The DNC reluctantly supports Soldier to say Trump is a bigot

Everyone by now has seen the clip of the Pakistani father who immigrated from the UAE and lost his son in Iraq giving a passionate speech to Donald Trump about the constitution while his wife, and the boys mother, stood by silent and covered like a good Muslim woman (I’m sorry, it was too good not to comment). The liberals hung on every word and for the first time in my life I heard liberals talk positively about the constitution and military personnel, because they loathe, and have for years, both of these things. The irony was apparently lost on most that now we hear the liberal media using words like “hero”, “patriot”, or anything that they used to condemn conservatives for using saying it was divisive rhetoric, does anyone remember when some wanted Soldiers tried for war crimes because Iraq was an unjust war?

I’m not going to go into the fact that there’s nothing in the Constitution that says we can’t ban immigrants from certain locations, because there isnt, and the President has the authority to do such. Strange the anger and condemnation over the situation now, though the media remained silent when Obama used this exact authority 6 times thus far in his Presidency including Syria, Iran, and Crimea. Apparently there is a difference, and people will find these obscure differences to defend their messiah I’m sure, they always find some way to apply their double standard and try to appear justified in their hypocrisy.

The confusing aspect to all of this, for me, is the complete lack of acknowledgement that this statement turned out to be completely justified. Months ago the media fire storm began when Trump said we should ban Muslims from entering the country until we can properly vet these people, this came after a statement released by ISIS stating that they were going to use the porous refugee network to infiltrate and attack the west. Months later, stacks of bodies later, and litres of blood later Liberals ignore the exact reasoning for this precaution and pretend that Europe isn’t burning just so they can scream BIGOT. I’m not sure what the intent was for this speech aside from “look everyone, we found a Muslim war hero and his father knows what the constitution is!!” Nobody is saying there aren’t good Muslims, we aren’t saying there are Muslims that would be productive in our society, no matter how many “good” ones that come we must be wary of the “bad” one because that bad Muslim can potentially kill hundreds of people as we’ve seen in recent months.

I suppose while we continue to tally the body count titled “victims of terrorism” the liberals believe we can take solace in the fact that nobody can call us mean. I suppose it becomes easier to rationalize this twisted thought process when you deny the existence of terrorism, or even worse, make it America’s fault. I would appreciate if we could get an impassioned speech from this man about the parts in the Constitution about the sujugation of women, killing of gays, and whether I’m allowed to draw a picture of his prophet.


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