The Left can’t stand on the economy 

​How can we not say there is a bias when after a Presidential candidate has a

speech based on the economy and an unveiling of his tax plan, which for
transparency I will say that I did a piece on his tax plan back in April so
it was only unveiled as far as the media was concerned because they can’t be
bothered to read anything from the Trump campaign. Though this speech should
be full of things for the left to go after since, after all, Trump is a
bumbling idiot, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to attack his tax plan
right? Instead CNN this morning is running a headline “50 GOP officials:
Trump would be most “Reckless” President”, first off I have an extreme
mistrust of any GOP official who conveniently releases his distaste for
their party’s candidate right before an economic speech that will
immediately put Hillary Clinton on the defense, I think these 50 GOP members
are interlopers, not because they don’t support Trump, but because it is too
obvious they are lending narrative to the media to shield Hillary.

What attack does Hillary Clinton have on Trump’s economic plan? Really none,
what she has is the defense of “I know the economy is bad, but I swear if we
keep doing this it’ll get better” or what I like to call the definition of
insanity. The immediate rebuttal that the Left will use is, “We have had
record growth in the economy this year” allow me to explain how that works:

You have 1 Million Dollars in 2014, you lose all of it.
You make $1 in 2014
If you make $3 in 2016 the left will tell you that you have increased 200%
over last year, and that’s a good thing!

It is not hard to show you’re doing better in the economy when the economy
is so dismal any increase is good. Need I remind you that Barack Obama is
the only President who has never seen a 3% increase to GDP his entire time
in office. That is what Hillary Clinton proposes, business as usual. What is
she going to say for the economy? She is going to use divisive politics, she
is going to pit people against corporations and the poor against the rich,
except we haven’t actually witnessed any indication that this would really
happen, what we have seen is that her special interest groups will continue
to make millions while the middle class struggles and businesses close.

Donald Trump’s message was the he is going to lower taxes (not quite enough
in my opinion) and we have proof his kind of policies work, it was called
the 1980’s and for those of you paying attention, America was doing great. I
feel his top bracket needs to go back to the 25% initially proposed but I’m
sure there is actual reason he didn’t. We know that lowering taxes on
corporations encourage expansion and bring more business, this means more
jobs, which means more revenue for the government because businesses are
less likely to try and find deferments if they feel their obligation is
seen what Clinton’s tax plan is going to bring, it’s called the last eight
years and it’s terrible for literally everyone.


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