Rights have always been threats to Liberals

I want to be incredibly angry over the media droning about this whole second amendment comment, it’s such a joke and everyone knows it, there is literally no way a rational human being can sit there and think “This is completely legitimate outrage, I’m definitely not reacting this way because it already fits my bias”. I’m going to address this quickly and move on with the rest of this article, if you are actually that offended/worried/triggered/outraged over the comment you are either mentally unstable (the way you say Trump is) or you are just parroting something you heard and agreed with, because it’s ridiculous, and you’re ridiculous for continuing the spiral into idiocy.

I would normally fault the media and of course bring up that Joe Biden made a similar comment about Barack Obama in 2008, and I would probably show ALL the similar things said about Trump by Democrats and nobody batted an eye but I’ve accepted that the media has to agree, they have to deflect, they absolutely have to stretch every little thing Donald Trump says because if they don’t demonize him, Hillary has no chance of winning. If anyone ever wanted proof that they are scared as hell, this is it. They will claim he yells at babies, even Hillary made a commercial out of it even though it was all B.S. even the mother said so and one kind reporter (probably unemployed now) gave us the context of the whole conversation, but if you’re a screaming Liberal idiot you don’t care about the truth, you just care about people echoing your same opinions and your life being something out of 1984 where you’re comforted by your lies and the mental gymnastics you must have to do to explain away all the discrepancies in your narrative.

The REAL reason I’m writing this is because I am absolutely terrified at what is being allowed right now. Do you understand that they are trying to turn the words “Second Amendment” into a threat? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? This is the holy grail of the social justice progressives right now, if they can get everyone to agree that those words are threatening than they will successfully take the debate over the second amendment out of discourse forever and will be able to strip away the rights of the citizenry forever.

There is the potential of a candidate getting elected who has been harbored by the media through an attack on an embassy, an egregious breach of national security, obvious tampering throughout a primary vote, and if you can still somehow see past ALL THAT, they just linked the state department to political favors through her foundation. Donald Trump people have to apologize, explain, or walk back something he said, this is a fact, sometimes he says dumb things or at least things the media tells us are dumb though there are plenty examples where they were just fine with the same rhetoric when they agreed with it, but these are things that Hillary Clinton DID, she actually DID. That woman has done things that are quantifiable and real, there have been consequences world wide for what she has done, this level of corruption is paramount.

I don’t typically get doomsday on people, but I truly fear for our republic when it comes to the Clinton candidacy. I have watched a human being who has sold political influence, destroyed those who stood in her way, and has put her needs above those of the American people and their national security. The idea of President Hillary Clinton is terrifying, and something we may have a very big problem coming back from. For those conservatives who want to sit this one out I must say, you bear some responsibility if she gets elected and that may have been your last time to make a wilful choice again.


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