It’s child abuse

You can’t tell me you’re not uncomfortable when you see that parent that is pushing their kids into a mold harder than what is the inevitable. I don’t mean the parents that bring their kids to church on Sunday, I mean the ones you see making their kids proselytize on a street corner when they can barely talk, I’m not saying I have anything against the Christian faith I’m merely using this example as a contrast to my real point.

They’ve gone too God damn far

We can disagree on politics and social issues all day and I can still respect different viewpoints exist beside mine and I don’t try to silence alternative views, I debate them. There is a HUGE difference between supporting something and social engineering, there is a point when someone shoves a child into a mold that not only will mentally alter that child for life, but can physically as well, and that is child abuse no matter how you square it.

Enter Kimberly Shappley of Texas, a mother who is fighting for the bathroom rights of her 4 year old “daughter”. Apparently at three years old this little boy said “I’m a girl” and this mother said “what do I know about anything? I read on tumblr it’s bad to force people into gender sterotypes and buzzfeed had a cute thing on Facebook once, you’re right three year old child! Do whatever the hell you want” and then she continued to read her copy of Salon and wondered why no man will love her for her feminism.

I feel like it’s this type of parental social engineering that creates serial killers, but it’s popular right now so let’s just build Norma Bates from the ground up. The horrifying part is that since Liberals have made speech a crime it is going to be far messier to try and even get this woman to understand that her decision, yes HER decision, since it’s near psychotic to suggest a child has developed psychologically enough to even understand their gender let alone a separate gender identity, could have extreme consequences not just because she’s forcing her child into being a social pariah for her own selfish attention grabbing reasons, but also if she goes through hormone therapy pre-puberty that child will be left with no choice because her mother has now chemically sterilized her and subjugated her to a life of hormone therapies and ultimately a death from cancer.

It’s child abuse. It’s absolutely child abuse. Stop it! Stop it now! IT’S CHILD ABUSE!



  1. Yup. I read an article today about a 9 year old boy who “self-indentified as gender creative”. How exactly does a nine year old decide they are “gender creative”? (But “gender creative” doesn’t mean “I’m a dinosaur” or “I’m a puppy”, it just re-enforces that there are stereotypes for boys and girls…) Oh, right, they don’t! The 4th grader just happens to like dolls and princesses and sparkly things and happens to be a bit more effeminate than other little boys his age and so, mom and dad decided he needed a tag. *sigh*

    1. This is the troubling part about being divisive, everything needs a label. It was easier for someone to just be whoever they wanted before everyone had to turn them into a cause to be fought for.

    2. This nonsense angers me. I don’t care what adults do to/call themselves. However, children deserve to be protected from life altering choices like this. They can’t even get tattoos!

      I don’t understanding how feminists are on board with the trans concept. The feminist message of my youth (and now) is that there are no “girly” or “masculine” things. Boys can play with dolls. Girls can rock at sports. It doesn’t make you more or less of a boy or girl.
      The trans message is almost the opposite. If you’re a really “masculine” girl, then you’re really a boy.
      Shouldn’t the “egalitarian feminist” message be that you can be the most feminine dude on the block. Dress in drag. Call yourself Tina. It doesn’t matter because actions and feelings don’t define you sex? You can be you without having to fit some creepy gender stereotypes? Down with labels and assigned gender roles?

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