Hillary is a terrorist and hates gays!

I remember when the media lost it’s damn mind because former KKK leader David Duke endorsed Donald Trump, this was their way of letting everyone know that Trump became a racist. I used the word became because he’s had thirty years in the public eye and nobody has called him a racist before so I’m assuming he made some sort of transformation, I mean, I know the real answer was his transformation was running for President as a Republican but I digress. When in a debate you have to both play by the same rules or else you no longer have an actual debate or discourse, unfortunately the media set the rules so I will have to play by them.

Hillary is a terrorist who hates gays!!!

If there were consistency in our media this would be the obvious conclusion would it not? She was strongly endorsed by the father of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen. Seddique Mateen who is also very pro-Taliban was at a Clinton rally yesterday and was not only in attendance but got to sit in the special VIP seating. We know how much the Democrats love their Sharia loving Muslim fathers but this seems to be a little over the top. I say he hates gays, that’s not attributed just to the fact that his son killed over 40 people at a gay night club, it’s also the fact that he’s been quoted stating God should punish gays.

If we truly want to keep everything fair, then Hillary is a terrorist and hates gays. It’s not up to me folks, it’s the rules set by the media.


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