Milwaukee Burning

This weekend we saw what might be one of the most explosive reactions to a man getting shot by a police officer, and as what is normal these days when the media and the Left has such a powerful narrative they are trying to push, they didn’t even wait for the body to get cold before they started fanning the flames and getting everyone frothing at the mouth for vengeance. Once again, those of us who know that this is going to be someone who resisted arrest, most likely had a weapon, most likely became violent, or one of the other redeeming characteristics in the “victims” of the black lives matter movement. Once again innocent people are assaulted, a city burns, and police officers become far more appealing targets to those who buy one hundred percent into this false narrative that police are out to kill black men.

Some of the parts that probably wont get walked back on this, or will just be outright ignored from an obligatory mention are that the officer who shot and killed Sylville K. Smith was black, this wont assuage the real tyrannical ones in the black panther movement or the black lives matter movement though because being a cop immediately makes you an uncle Tom. Once again, as is common with these cases, the “victim” is a thug, lengthy arrest record, questionable reaction during the initial arrest, then as always resists arrest and flees and of course has a weapon (ILLEGAL) that he refuses to put down, but these are facts and we don’t need those to create division in America to further an insidious political ideology.

The reaction that is most disturbing is the accounts of peoples cars getting stopped and a mob of people asking the race of those in the vehicle. If you were white, you won the beat down lottery and you were dragged from your vehicle and assaulted. THIS is what is happening, and THIS is the racism that is occurring in Milwaukee. It doesn’t help when we just saw the federal government punish a city for not getting the convictions they wanted in the Freddy Gray case, so they sent the justice department to conflate as many things as they could to save face that they had tried to convict those police officers prior to any trial, now they can say “Baltimore WAS racist, the jury was just too stupid to convict”. It is a problem when you keep seeing progressives using whatever power they have to make people submit to their will, even when it takes bending reality itself.

What we saw in Milwaukee and everywhere else these types of riots occur are the very things that the Left keeps telling us we were going to see if we got tough on terrorism. Weren’t there supposed to be people getting dragged out of vehicles and Mosques getting burned down? I’m not saying we haven’t ever witnessed those events, what I am saying is they are incredibly disproportionate to what we see on a regular basis with the supremacist groups. We aren’t supposed to say radical Islam because it could cause violence, but it’s ok for police officers to get shot for no reason and for white people to be open season. It’s alarming to note that social justice warriors “tolerance” always seems to be peppered with violence and an inherent need to force people to do as they say.


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