The great lie

If we are going to be honest in this election than we need to accept that Trump will never do anything right. No matter if he’s giving a speech that is the most direct appeal to minority communities, which get called racist, or addressing a jobs plan which is flat ignored or avoided by quoting a tweet agnosium. With that said I couldn’t help but laugh myself silly at the “condemnation” and obsessive compulsive virtue signalling from the #nevertrump charlatans over this immigration issue.

Within 24 hours of the fabled Sean Hannity interview where Trump has been accused of “softening” or even “flip-flopping” because deporting 11 million illigal immigrants isn’t something you can do over night, also, since Trump apparently does understand how government works he also knows he can’t just order it to happen without appropriately conferring with Congress since those things cost money. The media was left in a schizophrenic state wanting to condemn his statement “there is no path to citizenship” and wanting to parade his “softening”, even though that is exactly what all the talk g heads said needed to happen.

The #nevertrump movement with their claim of standing by their conservative values, though they were perfectly fine with McCain and Romney who were not conservative stalwarts by any measure are now pretending to be upset by this ambiguity on immigration, which turned out not to be ambiguous. I find it strange that “conservatives” in the #nevertrump movement seem to be bedfellows with the exact politicians that the tea party was rallying against and no less than a year ago were infuriated by them not taking a strong enough stand on issues such as immigrstion, but we are supposed to forget about all of that and pretend that the party of abandonment and the party that allowed Obama to run rampant for eight years is the true party and true conservatives.

There comes a point when you realize that some people have stomped their feet and cried too much to back peddle that it’s less about Trump having bad policies and more about them not wanting to appear that they’ve given up on their “values”. I will have to agree with some of the staunch Trump supporters that not wanting to support Trump is one thing, but to make every attempt to slander his candidacy is absolutely indirect support for Hillary Clinton, and in the event Clinton wins the presidency I hope those people are prepared to feel the brunt of their decisions, as long g as we have free speech to remind them that they are culpable in electing a criminally inane dictator.


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