Let’s centralize the voting process. Right next to Hillary’s server

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are discussing federalizing the voting systems by calling them “critical infrastructure” and they claim there is a threat to hacking the voting systems. Let’s start with the easy statement that all of that is complete bullshit. Let me explain.

First of all, the voting machines are not connected to a network, which means it would take an army to go in to every voting location and compromise each system. Second, if.you want to play the “pre-loaded malware” card, then explain how this would be any different under DHS? Sa me machines, same companies. Lastly, wasn’t it the same administration that said there was no voter fraud when the ACORN scandal broke?

There have been worries of voter fraud before, most came from those of us on the right. Our concerns were the Democrats wanting no way of tracking whether or not they were transporting some of these 11 million illegal immigrants to voting booths and asking the to vote for the “D”. Voter fraud is an absolute concern, but it would not come.from some foreign entity trying to influence our election, this is a McCarthy-esque grab for power.

The Obama administration is laying a narrative so that if Trump wins they can claim some sort of Russian hacking conspiracy. I will say, if you want to get the voting system hacked you should centralize it in Washington D.C. so then it will most likely be on a network and then whoops! Somehow every Democrat wins by a landslide forever and ever. They said it wasn’t broke, so don’t fix it. It’s the fed wanting more power, and when the government wants power over elections you’ve got a real problem.


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