See no evil, hear no evil

It has been 279 days since Hillary Clinton has given a press conference. She has successfully snubbed the media like no other presidential candidate ever has, she ignores them, refuses to answer questions, and only releases scripted campaign statements that are played by the media. She effectively has told the media to go pound sand while keeping the media completely in her pocket and swooning like doe eyed school girls every time she hobbles into a sparsely attended rally. Tim Kaine seems to be the mouthpiece for Clinton now making his media rounds to spit talking points and getting the journalistic equivalent of “Aren’t warm breezes nice Mr. Kaine?” Not only is this a great tactic for Clinton, it’s genius.

She has the ability to avoid any hard questions on her foundation, selling influence, the current email scandal, the former email scandal, the tertiary email scandal, not to mention the original email scandal, or even Benghazi while still using her pathetic lapdog media to praise her as the most qualified anything ever, forever. The only question I’m left to answer is whether or not they allow this out of fear, or because they’re so braindead that they don’t realize they are letting a candidate damn near get away with murder…oh wait.

Tim Kaine did his regular rounds at all the television stations¬† to explain why Trump going to meet the Mexican president even in the face of threats from drug cartels and a warning from the State Department was not presidential, while the further release of Benghazi related emails were found on Hillary Clinton’s computer somehow was presidential. The great part is he missed one news channel on his normal rounds, Fox. Some people may grumble when they hear the name Fox news, but what they can’t say is that it would be the only channel who isn’t throwing kindling into the Reichstag’s fire. If there was a way for me to show you how often I roll my eyes in disgust every time I listen to the leftist cheerleaders in the media seemingly forget the terrible, awful, and criminal things Hillary has done, while also making it COMPLETELY evident that they are there merely to lick her boots in hope to have high positions in the new regime or perhaps become one of the directors of the Clinton Foundations Ministry of Love.

It’s at a point now that I just have to come out and say it. Liberals, you would be horrified and dismayed at this kind of behavior. You screetched for years because one channel (Fox News) shared right wing opinions instead of regurgitating the same leftist garbage everyone else was, this was the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen and should be illegal. Hell, you even tried to pass the fairness doctrine to try and silence conservative radio hosts because they cornered the market on talk radio. Continually you have claimed that the news media was to be fair and non-biased in reporting, you’ve denied any hidden agendas before and scoffed at any reference to the liberal media, yet here we are. No condemnation of Hillary’s avoidance, No reasonable expectation of clarification on all of her scandals. If you support Hillary and you don’t hold these reporters accountable you are a disgusting human being and can never speak about freedom again.


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