The unforgivable sin of support

A few weeks ago the Left decided they were going to start making questions to the mental health of Donald Trump. The alt-right and even the mainstream right in some respects fired back at this ludicrous assertion with their own ammunition about the health of Hillary Clinton. The left played victim and pretended that they were sitting there all by themselves when the big mean Right showed up and started ridiculing poor defenseless Hillary.

If you ever wanted proof that the Left is the modern day Gestapo, let’s discuss Dr. Bornstein. This is the man who submitted the letter of health for Donald Trump stating that he is probably the healthiest man to ever run for the office of the Presidency. The letter was strange, it was written in a very quirky manner, by a very quirky man. His 30 year career has seen little scrutiny and has nothing that would point to this man not being a fully qualified professional and completely capable of judging the health of someone regardless of his interesting use of prose.

The biggest mistake Dr. Bornstein made was that he supported Donald Trump. For this unforgivable sin the man has been called an idiot, a quack, and had his abilities as a medical professional questioned repeatedly on public television. This of course has to have caused considerable strain on his practice having his abilities questioned just because of the candidate he supported. Nobody is safe when the Left wants to fling mud, and you know for a fact every inch of this mans social, financial, personal, and professional life were gone through with a fine tooth comb by the Left looking for anyway to completely discredit and destroy this local doctor from Jamaica, New York who did nothing more than give a clean bill of health to the wrong guy.

Wolf Blitzer, who may actual be one of the most vile humans on the planet acted completely surprised when CNN had an interview this afternoon with Dr. Bornstein that was abruptly interrupted by his wife and the reporter told to leave. Of course he stands there in shock and has to say how strange it was that it happened as if he wasn’t aware of the crack team of people he’s had on the ground trying to figure out how to destroy the man for months now. Once again, the Left is truly disgusting and will stop at nothing to put that boot on the throat of America.


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