This article is Censored!

It has been a wonderful week for anyone who likes to watch the ethics and morality of our media degrade to a point beyond any comprehensible recognition. First we will start with Steven Eckel, a retired police officer who was being interviewed Wednesday on CNN’s sister station HLN. The interview was covering the rescue of a young child from a locked car in the heat but someone has to ask why is his shirt censored? The first airing of this interview the shirt in fact was not censored, it said “Trump for President 2016”, a subsequent airing of the interview they blurred his shirt. Of course the excuse is that they made a mistake, I don’t think it was a technical error they were talking about, I think what they are admitting to was they made the mistake of letting their bias show.

The next iteration of this is the YouTube policy. Forbes attempted to defend the YouTube policy here based off this statement “While our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication to our creators.” The policy is still terrible, and it leaves YouTube full ability to censor videos that they don’t like, or something that has politics they don’t like as we’ve seen with Twitter. What YouTube is saying is that they have already been demonetizing videos that contained speech or politics they didn’t like, but they got caught and now they are admitting to it. You can’t claim you’re doing it to remain advertiser friendly when you have the entire Google super structure behind you to support advertising.

Yes Liberals, I do understand that they, as an independent business have the right to refuse service to anyone, though it’s really annoying you all keep saying that about Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook but you can’t seem to use the same logic when it’s a baker or a pizza place. Just because people have the freedom to do something  doesn’t mean it goes without scrutiny. We face an incredible threat against free speech since the press is also an independent business and unless you fully subscribe to fascism you would want the market to be able to punish companies for going against values we consider fundamental to our society, you know, like free speech. They have turned words into hostile action and are creating a culture that becomes triggered by words and need safety, which means words can hurt, which also means if someone feels physically threatened they have a right to defend themselves. When your government turns words into weapons, but wants to take your actual weapons away you are seeing the beginning of the end of a free society.



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