Where the hell is the line?

Let’s break this down a bit because it is actually hard for me to find words.

If you wanted to ever have proof that the Left and the media wanted to shove their definition of “normal” and “acceptable” down your throat it’s kindly right there with “the new American family”. I can’t begin to fathom the gold medal worthy gymnastics it takes to not look at this and ask “is society going to survive this?” No matter how progressive you choose to be, or how comfortable you are with denying science (unless it’s climate change) you have to acknowledge that trying to create an alternate reality, then demanding others accept that reality or be branded the ones who are sick then you need to also consider that when someone wants to be 100% considered a man though they are a woman, then decides they want the benifits of a woman it seems like denial at best.

I have a list of questions that should be asked:

  1. Is a man appropriating a woman’s right to breast feed misogyny? (Note in the article they refer to it as chest feed)
  2. Is a man having a child lick his nipple pedophilia?
  3. Will there be a free the moob movement?
  4. Has anyone considered the medical ramifications of trying to dry someone’s womb up, try to become a man, then bear a child in a physicality that is as confused as the person bearing it? When does it become abusive?

Feminists keep chanting for equality and speaking of their plight, then women become men which seems it should be a loss for feminists and contrary to their narrative of the great patriarchy. Then a woman who becomes a man, demands we all say she is he and are required to do so according to academia, then the man wants to be a woman for a short breeding vacay. Where is the line where someone finally asks whether someone is confused? For that matter, doesn’t that woman know that for true liberation she should have an abortion? Motherhood is a trap created by the patriarchy.

I guess we are now at the point where we can change get our gender daily, perhaps we will wear signs so we know what gender everyone is…


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