Black lies matter

This is the current state of affairs we are faced with. Last night police in Kalamazoo, Michigan responded to a 911 call that two teenagers had been shot in an alleyway. Police responded and began to render aid to the victims of the shooting. It wasn’t long before something that is now common place in our community, social media exploded and the Black lives matter ilk began claiming that the police officers were responsible for the shooting.

We have arrived at the point in this national debate where if there is a dead black kid and a police officer in the same area that people are ready to assume that the officer shot the kid. It is unfortunate while we’ve watched this group grab at straws to the point of elevating convicted child molesters to the point of saints just to continue a narrative that local police are racist, and those of us that like to read and don’t believe everything we see on social media know that George Soros encouraged this type of behavior because he wanted a federalized police force in America. If this was an isolated incident it would be one thing, but public affairs offices for police departments immediately have to release a statement to let the public know the officers weren’t involved is depressing, not because there’s been an increase in officer involved shootings, but because they don’t want their stores and schools burned to the ground because people want there to be a shooting just so they can wreak havoc.

Seeing a group that is so eager to clutch onto anything that looks like the false reality they have created just so they can go out and “get theirs” meaning revenge is disheartening. The other terrible observation is that our President can’t be bothered from his vacation to visit Louisiana, but jumps at the chance to defend a quarterback is frustrating to say the least. We have always known that this was a power grab to try and continue the victimization and subsequent further demoralization of the African American community, the only silver lining I can see from the whole situation is that Republicans and Conservatives have finally grown the spine to know that it’s ok to talk to the black community and tell them of their betrayal by the left.



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