Standing in the quad looking for his dorm he remembered everything that lead him to this moment, all the letters, the late nights studying while his friends were out partying. He was proud of his accomplishments and terrified by what comes next. Looking at his phone he reads the email again, building 802. He can’t find it in the almost psychotic grouping of buildings, finally someone catches his eye, “excuse me, do you know where 802 is?” The stranger just turns and points at a building in the back corner. “Thank you!” He says taking a deep breath and moving with a purpose to enter with his head held high.

Outside the building were a couple of tables and your standard marquee of announcements and fliers for the begging of the year events, then, up above the stairwell he sees it “Colored only” and his heart sinks. He had read about this in grade 9 back home. Coming from Ontario he had never witnessed this and it was only whispered about, it was segregation.

This is not vinegnette from the past folks. Coming this fall to your University of California Los Angelas campus, it’s segregation!!! That’s right folks, who ever said progress only had to go forward? Never let a good idea go to waste!! Now that the Democratic party has remembered it’s roots in slavery and Jim Crowe laws it’s time to go back to the good old days!

Nothing says hope and change under the first African American President like keeping races separated. So join the democratic party and social justice warriors in calling Republicans racist while judging people solely by the color of the skin.


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