When crime is no longer criminal

I’m sure a lot of people noticed when the word ‘Illegal’ was removed from the word immigrant. This divorce was really a masterful way for the left to change the entire discussion just by adjusting a word. No longer did people have to consider that these immigrants actually broke a law, which is inherently dishonest and immoral, but every other criticism disappears as well, this is one of the more masterful ways that the Left lies to the public every day.

The fact of the matter is illegal immigrants are being immoral, dishonest, and are in fact criminals. It isn’t just the fact that they crossed into the country with absolutely no way for us to know who they are, or what intent they have in our nation, but also they are in effect stealing every day they are present within our nation. Their actions alone, and the subsequent disarming and dismantling of our ICE and Border Patrol has lead to an increase in human trafficking and drug trafficking into the United States.

Everyone on the Left wants to talk about the “hard working Mexican, who is just trying to make an honest living”. If we want to talk about honesty, then let’s talk about honesty. How is not paying taxes, you know your “fair share” honest? How is driving the wages down by encouraging illegal hiring practices and working for below minimum wage honest? For a group of people (the Left) who so readily demonizes businesses for not treating workers fairly and supports unions with such veracity can they not see that they are allowing an entire group of scab workers to cross the picket line and take jobs away from the unemployed labor force?

It is not honest for someone to come in and completely strain the infrastructure of a town, complain that there needs to be ESL classes in schools that struggle with budgets, and demand the ability to drive, collect welfare, utilize medical clinics, etc, etc and never be expected to pay into any of it like every other American does. The part that’s completely ironic is it’s also a great way for a business to avoid having to pay payroll taxes, meet the demands of the affordable care act, or even concern themselves with the minimum wage. The schizophrenia of the Left on this issue is impressive and I honestly can’t understand how they can support it, unless they honestly think that when they get their $15 minimum wage some business owner out of the kindness of their heart will also pay Jorge as if he was an American citizen, he wont, and nobody should expect him to do so.

I know that a lot of the subjects I brought up are rooted in Liberal ideology but that’s precisely my point. I can’t help but feel like I’m taking crazy pills when I hear these SJWs bitch and moan about minimum wage, welfare, labor practices, education budgets and the like and then support a practice that is one of the largest reasons while all of these social programs are expensive and unsustainable to the tune of billions of dollars a year. It’s either that the Left is too stupid to see the correlation, or they blindly support the subjects without applying even the simplest critical thought toward their effect. I think people need to get it out of their heads that we owe immigrants from central and south America a damn thing, I mean, doesn’t the left talk about how these countries are socialists utopias? Wasn’t Che Guevara the greatest thing ever?

Support for Illegal immigration, because it is illegal, is supporting human sex trafficking, drug smuggling, unethical wage practices, strain on our schools, strain on our healthcare, and is actually a direct disadvantage to the poor. Like most things with the left, as long as you can pat yourself on the back in your upper middle class suburb and say “I defended a minority today” it really doesn’t matter who you screw or whether or not anything you actually supported is true.


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