The huffington affair

William D. Cohan from Vanity fair is running a two part expose on the departure of Ariana Huffington from her namesake news organization the Huffington post. The reason why this is not only prolific, but also very revealing on how the media’s bias can be toxic and ultimately is leading to the dismantling of American expressionism and free speech. Throughout the first piece Cohan describes a autocratic and hypocritical Huffington and how the empress may have led to her own demise.

The big incident referred to was that of Fareed Zakaria, formely of Time and CNN who was caught up in (another) plagiarism scandal where it was said that he took works from other writers and used them without applying proper attribution. Zakaria was a close friend of Huffinton’s and as stated in Cohan’s article “He was e-mailing on August 19 to express his unhappiness that the Huffington Post’s media desk had picked up the recent plagiarism story. He found it very painful.”  So not only does Zakaria expect preferential treatment because of his close friendship with Huffington, he also knows that she WILL do something about it, and something about it she did.

When the Zakaria story broke, and was of course carried by every major media outlet Jack Mirkinson, the media editor; Gazelle Emami, the deputy features editor; and Catherine Taibi, the author were all on the block for execution in Huffington’s Ministry of Truth. You read that correctly, the people involved in the writing and publishing of an article that was being reported all over the media sphere were being threatened with termination from their job for reporting… the news. I would be more astounded by this if I didn’t already know that this is entirely commonplace among the Leftist media.

If you ever wondered why it’s so common to see Hillary Clinton rubbing elbows with Hollywood and appearing on talk shows more than speaking to the press directly it is because this incestuous relationship that the Left has with the press. No longer do we have the stalwarts of ethics and integrity of the past, those who expected their party to behave better than the rival. We now have a press that is complicit in corruption, and will aid and abed a scandal rather than report the truth. An anonymous source in Cohan’s article says “I think it really speaks to a broader point about Arianna,” explains one person involved, “which is that when powerful people [she knows] get angry about something, it is by no means a guarantee that she will defend her staff. . . . Instead, what happens is often she will forward an e-mail from someone angry about something and she’ll say, ‘Explain this.’” clearly shows that she was willing to bully anyone into supporting her double standard. I imagine that the late night phone calls of late at news desks across the country were more often telling editors what not to report.

If ever there was a time that I am glad the staff at Hatespeech hold themselves to a high ethical standard and will never refrain from ensuring that I, the owner, never become this kind of monster is a tribute to their personal and professional ethos and why I am most grateful for every success we have in this venture.

You can read Cohan’s article here

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