Hillary wears a wire

The deconstruction of last nights Commander-in-Chief forum and it’s about as divided as the election itself. I have a million questions when it comes to situations like this, mainly the strict rules the military has against you participating in political events, and for anyone who has been authorized to do one of these town hall meetings with a politician it needs to be noted that your questions get reviewed by commanders if they aren’t written from you, I’m not saying this happened, I just don’t see it being a different way. I would be lying to you if I said that I hate reading through all the opinion pieces on the forum because the bias is rife on both sides so I’m going to consider it a wash and just wait for the debates.

One thing that I did find interesting, besides Hillary claiming nobody got killed in Benghazi, to which the Left are going to explain away the comment though they literally chastise the Trump campaign any time they have to do that. The interesting thing was that several NYPD officers have confirmed that Hillary was wearing an earbud in her left ear during the forum. Is it against the rules? I doubt they have rules since this is the first iteration of this type of forum, and since it’s not a debate I’ll have to answer no. With that said, if I had to choose between a politician that needed lines fed to them and got answers “right” or one that answered without coaching and got some answers “wrong” I’m going to go with the one who doesn’t need a puppeteer.


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