What Milo has taught us

Milo Yiannopoulos has been a figure especially in the current election. The Breitbart tech editor and guidon barer many who were lost and disarmed during the crisis of #gamergate has made himself more than comfortable being the comedic provocateur that those of us on the right have craved for so many years. I don’t typically like to write “puff pieces” about celebrities or really anybody, but Milo is a special case especially with the beginning of another Dangerous faggot tour getting underway and we are able to see front and center what is truly disturbing about the left.

What Milo has done is prove us right, and by that I mean correct. He uses the language of the left, commonly keeps his comedy blue and peppers his points with his incredible fluency of four letter words all draped in a delightful British accent. What the left hates is that he fires back at the commonly held beliefs that you’ll hear from Hollywood leftists and talk show hosts who will always make the “Republicans hate women” remark usually encased in some off color joke, or as a passing comment and everyone will laugh, but when Milo says “Feminism is cancer” while standing next to C.H. Sommers and then unveils his well-researched statistics you can see the rage building inside them.

His outreach on college campuses and his ability to pack rooms has caused the Left to show their true colors. Milo Yiannopoulos merely shares statistics and anecdotes about the hypocrisy of the Left, and also has very poignantly brought attention to the persecution of homosexuals by Islamic nations and the feelings of many Muslims in Britain that homosexuality should be illegal, something the Left should be incensed about but is not.  The protests that we have witnessed throughout the nation against Milo’s shows is the single most damning evidence that the Left has turned toward Fascism and we must always be on guard to defend our freedom to speak and assemble because the Left is waging war against any discourse or opinion.

Ever the provocateur Milo has only increased his use of trigger words and inflammatory statements merely to show us just how horrible the Left truly is, and how ignorant they choose to remain when presented with facts. If Milo ever needed to be validated that he was right about something it would be that Social Justice Warriors come to his show and can only shout slogans. They are incapable of meeting him on the intellectual level, they can’t fight him on ideals, and he has disarmed the left and beat them at their own game.

If you can handle the horror of indoctrinated kids somehow thinking it’s ok for them to demand a person be barred from an educational institution, or a social media platform just because of their ideas I strongly suggest you get out to a Milo show. Milo has become the symbol of Leftist oppression against ideas and their zealotry for social engineering. I’m sure after seeing the reactions by the SJWs at Trump events, and the threats he already has received he knows well the danger he puts himself in to give us a thoughtful and entertaining show, but we are forever grateful for the risk Milo takes and for the wonderful amount of YouTube videos of SJWs almost vomiting blood because he shared a statistic.


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