It’s official, the Left will kill us all.

In the wake of the Left losing their mind over a Skittles meme, because desperation makes people do crazy things, the Left has proven that they would literally march us all to the grave before they give anyone the chance to call them racist or Islamaphobic. While perusing the Internet I got to see Leftists use the same defense that gun owners used against mass shootings bit somehow it’s different because liberal.

In another hard hitting journalistic tour DE force from The Washington Post Phillip Bump likes to speculate the probability of some getting killed by a terrorist because he’s so triggered by a meme that actually made a good analogy, but they’re so god damn wrapped up in taking it literally they are comparing THE ACTUAL AMOUNT OF SKITTLES all while minimizing victims of the St. Cloud attack, because screw those jerks, probably privelaged white people.

And this little gem. They want to minimize the threat of terrorist attacks all to shove unvetted refugees who are coming in because Hillary and Obama’s failed policies in the middle east for no other reason than “it seems nice, and progressive” but when we showed similar minimization when it came to mass shootings apparently it was different, somehow. The difference is, the second amendment is a right and wanting to push sharia law, assault women, wish death upon gays is not.

So this is where we are at. Logic doesn’t matter, it’s all about feelings and some globalist agenda. They would happily see random acts of terror and pat themselves on the back while saying #notallmuslims. These people are sick. When you’d gladly disarm people while turning a blind eye to a threat you’re probably psychotic, especially when you’re only doing it because you hate a candidate so much that you would say the victims of a terrorist attack don’t matter.


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