Building a narrative

Building a narrative can be an art in politics, and it is not something that is specifically a Right or Left issue. It used to be that when you built a narrative it was you supporting your argument or opinion by stating the information that lead you to the decision you made and then the opposing side would do the same and the court of public opinion would weigh in on the information. This of course is the “perfect” example of how a narrative is built, but Hillary Clinton’s campaign are experts in building a narrative for their losing candidate.

On Friday the Clinton campaign released a 12 page document listing all the times that different organizations had claimed that Donald Trump had lied. To give you an example of these “lies”, because the Left will just claim some high percentage that he’s a liar but never actually check what they are stating are lies, is when Donald Trump said that the 11 million illegal immigrants is a bad number since it’s been the same number since the 1980’s and we have no real way of knowing, it is absolutely true that we don’t track how many people are here illegally, and true that we have been using the same number for decades, but they call it a lie because neither side has information to prove their position.

What we saw was the Clinton campaign release their document on Friday, and treating them as a news desk several outlets followed suit and did their own report to include Politco, Huffington Post, Washington post, and New York Times. If you didn’t think there was media bias, you may want to check how often the Clinton campaign releases something and news agencies amplify the message to the masses, it is truly staggering. The narrative began to be built, on that I believe is a defense to the fact that Hillary Clinton is poised to lose this debate because she can’t connect with the American people, that and she’ll probably have a coughing fit the minute her soul attempts to stop the flood of lies leaving her mouth, if she doesn’t pass out due to the heat of the stage lights.

The overall message of this narrative is that Lester Holt should fact check Donald Trump. The part that I found the most entertaining is that they aren’t even attempting to sound non-biased in their request, they are specifically asking for Holt to fact check Trump, not fact check the debate, not insure accurate information, just “Please Mr. Holt, can you question everything Trump says so it isn’t as obvious our candidate is absolute garbage?”. The statment from Robbie Mook on ABC is that “it isn’t fair to ask Hillary Clinton to fact check Trump” first of all, am I the only one who thinks it’s pathetic when a campaign manager has to say “it isn’t fair”? Second, that is literally the job of a debater, one of the best ways to prove your point is by disproving your opponents point by using the metric that you’ve based your opinion on “I disagree that more government spending in New Orleans is a good idea since we know that they didn’t use money to update the levies which lead to the flooding during Katrina”.

The requests that came forward show a lot about how the Clinton campaign feels the media should work, and will work if she becomes President. She feels that the media needs to help her position during a debate, she has already made a fuss to have a bigger podium because Trump is tall (and they said that he was the arrogant one), and you know they were upset when they said that they wouldn’t cut to commercial break if she has a coughing fit, seizure, gets called back to the mother ship, or needs to eat a baby to regain her strength. The end result is that they have already prepared the road for her to lose the debate on the issues, so they’ve made it to where everything Trump says is a lie.


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