This is called signaling

I found myself disappointed during the debate on numerous occasions. I’m not going to play the card of the media and pretend that I’m a seasoned debater with all the answers, I’ll acknowledge how much easier it is to pour over 90 minutes of footage and say who should have said what and who shouldn’t have said what. I will make one point, the signaling during the debate was disgusting, and as much as the #nevertrump movement feels emboldened to criticize Trump’s performance, which I understand, they owe it to their “conscience” to acknowledge that the entire debate Hillary was signaling to the media that is in bed with her to do the work she should be doing, and to Lester Holt to also do the work for her as well.

Hillary did not handle being left in the wind without the media sounding board behind her to immediately run interference, she truly lost considerable power by not having commentary during her performance, and the 90 minutes with no commercial forced her to have to actually defend herself while crippling the media’s ability to set a narrative for her. On a personal point, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to dismiss certain comments by Trump she came off as arrogant and honestly like that woman you see yelling “let me speak to your manager” because one of her french-fries is discolored. I understand where people can say she seemed more prepared because she absolutely did, but honestly, aren’t people tired of the canned statements from the Democratic party, doesn’t it fall flat? “Hey guys, I know things are terrible, and we’ve been in control for this long, but just give me more time and it’ll get better” pretty much the guy who will be good on the rent if you just give him another week.

Things I liked:

  • Donald Trump’s 30 years of failure quote
  • Not popular, but Trump calling her out when she was wrong, because Holt wouldn’t
  • Correlating her involvement in all the situations we face today, good shot, accurate point

What I didn’t like:

  • Hillary signaling for the media to back her up, you proved the bias, and we saw Holt take the bait and start backing you up. Pathetic
  • The media fact checked hyperbole with hyperbole, you have to win the discerning voter now and you’re not
  • Hillary did poor defending herself, she cried for the media to do it for her. You’re a disgusting person who couldn’t survive on your own feet.

The media is celebrating one poll out of hundreds that say Hillary won, and even that poll only showed her winning on issue, not on leadership, appearance, or potential so she lost and lost hard. On a side note, Gary Johnson was tweeting during the debate and the real loser of the debate last night was him. I’ll do a separate article on that, but dear God, that man has never met a libertarian I swear!


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