Into the madness

We have 35 days until the election and of course both campaigns are doing everything they can to ensure victory come November 8th. Understanding that there is an incredible amount of stress since millions of dollars have been spent, several promises made, and ultimately only one person can win. The media is the most concerning this year, they have kicked it into high gear and the mask has been taken off revealing the media to something out of a Lovecraft novel where the objective is to convince everyone of to give in to the madness no matter how ludicrous it seems.

Over the last week following the debate we have seen everything from the Washington Post exploiting a mentally ill woman to try and draw a correlation to all Donald Trump supporters, A video of Hollywood actors and actresses begging for you to stop Trump, to include weeping and referring to him as a racist, sexist xenophobe, and even direct attacks against Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson because he’s scraping some votes from the Queen mother. I predict that as long as Donald Trump stays competitive in the polls the media is going to embarrass itself and prove its bias so badly that the only way they could possibly survive is if Hillary Clinton wins. I have to ask myself how willing the media is to abandon all credibility and supposed defense of objectivity because they’ve bought into their own narrative that Trump will be the end of the world.

There needs to be an honest discussion about what this kind of rhetoric could lead to. I don’t like the idea of telling the media what they can and cannot say, but that doesn’t mean that they are above reproach for the effect of their words. When you and the Hollywood elite spin a narrative that makes the populace believe that the world is descending into insanity and that every supporter of Donald Trump is equivalent to a Nazi SS officer you have to accept that you are placing people in very real danger. Even before the primaries were decided we saw two attempts against Trumps life, both of which came from ardent social justice leftists, and now with Hillary giving those same people no hope due to her ridicule of them and their ideals they are going to helplessly lash out because they will see Hillary losing and think there is no longer a chance for the republic.
Though this is of course dealing in hyperbole, but let’s be honest for a second. The media would consider themselves successful if Trump were to fall before the election, I honestly see no evidence to the contrary.


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