Hillarykaine Matthew

When I talk about something spinning out of control and destroying everything that stands in it’s way I can under stand the confusion as to whether I’m talking about Hillary Clinton or Hurricane Matthew. The comparison is uncanny really if you think about it, except Matthew doesn’t have a derby escaped mental patient wandering around behind it everywhere. Let’s flash back to September when Hillary tried to tell us how she could keep us safe from hurricanes and Trump could not.

In case you weren’t watching the crazy guesswork that went on with the path of Matthew while it headed into the Bahamas, but it looked like it belonged in an Oscar winning power-point by Al Gore because it was the same amount of guess work and the same bad data afterwords. According to Hillary, even though facts show us that hurricanes have been on a downtrend since the early 1900’s, these storms are of course because of global warming. In a speech from September, 6th, then referring to hurricane Hermoine, Clinton said that she was the person who could protect us from these types of storms and Trump could not, because Trump doesn’t care about climate change. In case you didn’t catch that, the logic of that argument is that Hillary Clinton signing papers with the United Nations would make these destructive storms cease to exist, I welcome your conspiracy theories about the UN weather machine because everything else I’m hearing is just as ridiculous and fantastic.

But the narrative has been laid, every time we head into the summer and fall we have hurricanes, and every time we hear about how it’s all because of climate change, they’ve never happened before, ever! Since the Left seems to love using crazy fear tactics to spread their version of wealth redistribution under the guise of climate change, yet they will continue to cut deals with China, the worlds largest polluter, but find any way they can to blame America.


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